A well-organized kitchen not only gives you joy but also increases your property’s resale value. For every kitchenette, the kitchen cabinets occupy most space and beautify it. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the right kind of cabinet. 

Among most of the options available in the market, white oak kitchen cabinets have also been everyone’s favorite.

While oak wood is known to be trendy and strong, we will share some excellent ways to integrate it into your home or workspaces.

Luxurious White Oak Kitchen Cabinet Trends, Benefits

Benefits of using white oak for kitchen cabinets  

Before getting into different styles of using white oak for the kitchen’s cabinets, let us quickly take a look at its pros:


Compared to other kinds of hardwood, such as pine, maple, and even red oaks, white oaks have higher density. Also, the Janka Hardwood rating for white oak exceeds its alternatives. This means that even if it is used in a heavy or busy kitchen, it can stay for a longer time period. Plus, it is resistant to scratches and other sorts of wear and tear. 


Spillage in kitchens is common, but when you have white oak-made kitchen cabinets, you need not fret. As compared to other hardwoods and softwoods, this variety of oaks tightly bound cell structure. Hence, the liquids can’t penetrate through it. Due to less absorption, it does not swell or warp in humid conditions. 

Easy maintenance  

Unlike other furniture materials, white oak kitchen cabinets can be cleaned using a wet cloth. In the case of very busy kitchens, these may have to be cleaned once or twice a week. Because of its high density, the outer surface can be easily wiped. Moreover, it does not require any special chemicals for cleaning.  

Let us quickly skim through some of the trends that are followed for incorporating white oak cabinets

Luxurious White Oak Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2 tone kitchen cabinets

How to incorporate luxurious white oak kitchen cabinets

If you are drawn by its elegance and versatility, it is important to look at some of the latest trends. For example:

Built-in pantry 

If you crave minimalist interiors, oak cabinets can be the perfect kind of furniture for your kitchen. Since the white color resembles minimalism, the finish of oakwood adds more elegance to it. Just be sure to integrate the right shelves for your storage needs. 

Moreover, these cabinets will be quite versatile, so you can store anything from delicate wine bottles to kitchen appliances without any worry. Additionally, you may consider adding flush panels or refining the cabinets with brass hardware.

Use two-tone kitchen cabinets. 

Even though an all-white cabinet can give your kitchen a monochromatic look, it looks even better when paired with other colors like Black, Blue, and Beige. Even Benjamin Moore’s White Dove at places such as backsplashes or accent areas gives it a graceful look. 

Alternatively, select matte finishes as they absorb light and foster a sense of style and sophistication. Ensure that there is a contrast of colors in the pulls; walnut or maple can be some common options for this. These contrasting colors give your kitchen a unique look, just the way you want. 

Consider a white oak kitchen island.

For those who are looking for a minimal and convenient design, a kitchen island can be a good choice. It will add grace to your kitchen. However, kitchen islands are affected by foot traffic, so you need a solution that is both aesthetic and robust. 

And white oak serves this purpose well. 

Choose flat fronts and often single, light colors, which give a minimalistic look and make your kitchen look less cluttered. Additionally, use a lighting fixture above the island to complete its look.

Make it a toy or book storage. 

If you have little children playing around, you may consider using these cabinets for toy storage or essential supplies. It is more like a blend of both modern and natural design. Consider cabinets with a warm brown or golden tone that pairs well with light backsplashes. 

As per your utility, you can even add bookshelves like racks to store your books in them. This design is also a trend for modern families as they prefer an inviting and very convenient kitchen. You may even take these cabinets from your kitchen; for example, they can also be used in living or drawing rooms. 

Add a vintage vibe to your kitchen.

The old-style cabinets are now making a comeback to modern households. Go for the ones with dark colors and a subtle patina and resemble the later vintage era (1970-90). Also, look for adjustable shelves and spice pockets for easy access. 

Those looking to blend simplicity and functionality into their kitchen cabinets can choose this. In case you have a monochromatic kitchen, these kinds of cabinets would break its monotony and add a spark of a different color. 

Similar to a minimalist design, these types of cabinets have a timeless appeal. In these kinds of kitchen cabinets, you may use bronze knobs to multiply its vintage appeal. Try matching it with a neutral color palette or cooler colors to give it a refined look. For example, cooler colors such as blue or purple on the backsplash. 

Luxurious White Oak Kitchen Cabinet Trends Match your cabinets with flooring

Match your cabinets with flooring. 

It is yet another idea to attain a classy look for your kitchen. Choosing your kitchen cabinets as per the flooring’s color makes the kitchen look spacious and even more welcoming. The light undertones for the cabinets can give your kitchen a Scandinavian vibe, while glossy or dark ones make it appear even classier. 

Moreover, this makes the kitchen appear warm, organized, and welcoming. If you haven’t already decided on the materials for flooring and cabinet, try white oak in both. Flooring with white oak hardwood also vouches for its stability. 

Tips to Remember

Now that you know how these trendy white oak cabinets can be used in your kitchen, however, to maintain your kitchen’s elegant look, some tips must be considered. 

  • Always wipe the kitchen cabinets with a clean cloth to maintain the luster. Also, avoid using any harsh chemicals on them. 
  • If you are considering using tiles instead of hardwood flooring in the kitchen, make sure you use a pattern that does not compete with the kitchen’s cabinet.
  • Make use of different appliances like stainless steel on pulls to give your cabinets a sleek and contemporary finish. 
  • Fill the deep scratches on the surface of the cabinet with wood fillers.  
  • Use warm accents and accessories to complement the hues of white oak. 
  • You should equally focus on the backsplash and countertop’ colors as they refine your kitchen’s space. 

Parting thoughts

Summing up, choosing a trendy white oak cabinet for your kitchen can be a wise decision. Because of its structural integrity and beautiful patterns, the oak wood-made cabinets can add beauty to the kitchen and may last longer. The ways, as discussed above, can provide you with an idea about incorporating luxurious white kitchen cabinets into your space. 

However, you may also experiment with different options using many 3D tools, online kitchen remodeling tools, or even consult an interior designer for specific requirements. Additionally, adhere to the tips shared above to maintain its longevity and shine for an extended period. 

Still unsure what would work best for you? Let BK Ciandre get you started.