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A Few Tips for Extending the Life of the Sliding Door

The sliding door is now widely used in Extensive. It is very beautiful and installed with its room very bright. So as soon as it goes on the market, it is sought after by users. When we use it, we hope that it can be durable. Today, here, we mainly talk about several tips for extending sliding doors (Skill). 1. The border of the sliding door is mostly metal material. Wipe it with a dry cotton rag in daily cleaning. If you clean it with water, you should twist the rag as much as possible to avoid damage to the metal surface. 2. Note (attention) Protect the track to avoid hard objects (k pèng) or hit hard. 3. When wiping doors and windows (D & W) glass (GLASS), you can peel the onion into half in half, rub the glass with its incision, and then quickly "clean (cleanse)" with a dry cloth. It's bright again. 4. The wheels of some low -grade sliding doors are made of organic plastic (structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, color material). In the ups and downs, the structure structure (Structure) is easy to enter the dust to wear internal bearing, which is difficult to keep the flexibility. So we have to install a anti -jump device on the pulley. 5. It is recommended that consumers (Consumer) must fully understand the strength of the manufacturer before ordering, clarify the years of guarantee, and obtain the product quality card after the product is installed. In this way, when there is a problem with the sliding door, we can find a professional master to repair, so that our sliding doors can be better used.

A Few Tips for Extending the Life of the Sliding Door 1

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