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At BK CIANDRE, we work to offer our customers to create the highest quality minimalist furniture. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service that will ensure consistent profitability and a trusted reputation for excellence.


With 15 years experience in aluminium formulation products, and extreme passion for minimalist furniture, in 2016 we established BK CIANDRE,the factory space 10000 square meters, and we imported original Italy BOTERRO processing center and top level of 5-axis aluminium processing center which guarantee our quality level and final product finish, with our strong R& D capability, we rapidly respond to the specific requirements of our high-end clients in furniture and ceramic industry, product tolerance can be controlled within 0.1mm, and we effectively address the challenges they face in day-to-day market demand, BK CIANDRE is built on a storied tradition that remains true to our founder’s vision of a global company operating with a small-town approach. This principle distinguishes BK CIANDRE as an independent, direct organization in the truest sense: at BK CIANDRE, we conduct our own research and development and manufacturing, and we deliver premium-quality MINIMALIST furniture through our own sales channels . precious material and strong technology backs up every BK CIANDRE furniture, and the promised BK CIANDRE quality is proved by strict testing protocols.


We cooperate with Laminum! BK is the only processing partner designated by Laminum in China!
We provide a complete set of cabinet design solutions, including the production of cabinet door panels, customized modularization, minimalism, buttons, functions, lighting, and color. 3D renderings can be made according to customer needs!


Good products are inseparable from good equipment, and all accessories are made by ourselves. The investment of BK equipment is tens of millions, and the product does not require too much manual handling. It is more automated equipment, and computer data is accurately controlled to ensure every detail!

BK CIANDRE – Innovation. Philosophy. Quality

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BK CIANDRE continues to stand at the forefront of the minimalist furniture and aluminium formulation technology industry.

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