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Carlton Thomas

G’day, mates! I’m Carlton Thomas, straight from the heart of Australia.

As an editor by profession and a cooking enthusiast at heart, I find pleasure in weaving words around my kitchen experiences. You’ll often catch me penning down my insights about kitchen cabinets, dining tables, and cookware, all with a good old Aussie flair.

I believe that the kitchen is not just a room, but a haven where we create edible masterpieces. So, let’s embark on this culinary journey together, one article at a time!

Author - Carlton M Thomas

Articles I've written

Semi-Gloss Sheen Kitchen Cabinets
Carlton Thomas

What Sheen For Kitchen Cabinets

Explore the best cabinet sheens for your kitchen, from matte’s subtle elegance to high-gloss’s contemporary vibe, and find the perfect match for your style.

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8 Walnut Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
Kitchen Cabinets
Carlton Thomas

8 Walnut Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Explore the timeless elegance of walnut kitchen cabinets with 8 unique design ideas, blending classic charm with modern aesthetics for your dream kitchen.

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