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Who is BK Ciandre

A Professional Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer with Decades of Experience. As an industry leader, we blend innovative design, high-quality materials, and advanced production techniques to create exceptional kitchen cabinets tailored to your needs, transforming your space into an elegant and functional haven that reflects your personal style. Trust in BK Ciandre for unparalleled craftsmanship and service.


Innovation & Inspiration & Customization

BK Ciandre’s diverse design team excels in creating fresh, trend-forward designs, infusing global aesthetics into our cabinets. We blend minimalist to luxurious styles, crafting kitchen cabinets that beautifully align with your vision and home.

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Powerful Global Supply Chain & manufacturing System

BK Ciandre partners with top suppliers globally, enhancing our strong supply chain. Our strategic factories in China and Indonesia, equipped with expert teams and advanced machinery, ensure top-quality products. With a robust quality control system, we merge global resources to offer unmatched craftsmanship, setting industry standards high.

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What We're Doing to Protect Our Common Home During Production

BK Ciandre is dedicated to crafting premium kitchen cabinets while championing environmental sustainability. Our manufacturing processes prioritize green operations, ensuring our commitment to planetary preservation.

Responsible Sourcing of Materials

Efficient Energy Usage

Waste Reduction Practices

Recycling and Upcycling

Low Emission Manufacturing

Non-Toxic Coatings and Finishes

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Active Reforestation Initiatives

The Factors of Quality Kitchen Cabinet After Our QC System

At BK Ciandre, we understand the importance of quality. Our meticulous Quality Control (QC) system ensures every kitchen cabinet you receive has been thoroughly inspected and adheres to the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. Here’s how our QC system guarantees you’re investing in a product that’s truly top-tier:

Why Choose BK Ciandre as Your First Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

Designer Team Support

Wide Customization Options

High-Quality Products

Competitive Price


24/7 After-Sale Service

Eco-Friendly Practices

Innovation & Technology

FAQs About Kitchen Cabinets

Yes, we can, our primary client group is a design firm, they passed their final drawing to us, and we can provide a proper design based on your drawing and local end-users daily living habits.

We have MFC, plywood, and MDF. MFC nowadays is widely used in Germany and Italy’s kitchen industry, as it’s more environmentally friendly and quality stable; while for some countries, people get used to plywood, or the humidity rate is very high like coastal countries, we normally use plywood as well. Quality is stable. MDF is suitable for projects to control costs. In this case, we can offer Europa color selection, but the wood board base is domestic material, we use Germany Duken Diamond sealing technology to guarantee quality stability

Wood board, we use Austria EGGER, SENOSAN, Germany PFLEIDERER;

Storage Collection: Germany KESSEBOHMER, Swiss PEKA, Unihopper from Poland, Lambert from Spain, Chinese brand: GOLD.

All our collection is in an international nice collection based on the same quality level, For the kitchen, China still has a big advantage, as this needs a nice design and good material, and good workmanship, not simple work.

Yes, for foreign kitchen manufacturers, due to local labor legal work time, and electricity limits, their production capacity is limited, so they need to find a quality stable Chinese factory to share part of their production to meet their market demand, in this case, we can produce per drawing and specified wood board and color, and it’s a flat pack.

Our design director Liu David keep working in Germany and Italy kitchens for more than 20 years, before the coronavirus, he went to a Europe wood board factory and spare parts factory to have annual products communication, as, in his view, superior wood board + superior functional parts decide a high-end kitchen show. So Our design director Liu David has rich experience in global kitchen design, his design is widely used in Demark, Canada, Australia, and South America. The global kitchen market has been trained for quite a long time by German and Italy brands, so those who keep working in traditional and American kitchen cabinets, need a German -kitchen Mind Chinese factory to guide their design based on the local market, which is BK Ciandre big advantage from another Chinese factory.

All cabinets have 3 important parts, wood board + cabinet hardware + countertops, firstly we need to know what wood board brand is used, like we BK Ciandre, we mainly work in Europe imported wood board collection, it’s more eco-friendly and quality stable. For hardware, mostly we use Grass and Blum, and for space storage, we use KESSEBOEHMER and PEKA as the first priority, which decides the user’s user experience in daily life. And for the 3rd part, Laminam is a global superior surface manufacturer, so surface touch is very elegant. So above 3 parts will affect the user’s user experience when used. superior wood board+ good functional hardware and good texture countertop surface, with human-oriented design, which decides the final visual and functional good cabinets

BK Ciandre’s blood origin is from Germany and Italy modular structure, so for projects, we always use a modular structure that can ensure easy installation on site, this is super important for projects, as saving time means saving labor costs. This is our big advantage for the project company and design firm.

Yes, we do, we need you to provide us with the video of the actual site and accurate dimensions drawing.

10 years after well assembled per BK Ciandre installation instruction

For customized cabinets, we need 50% deposit and a 50% balance before delivery

Firstly, Before the order is put into production, our design team requests a project site video and asks the clients’ designer to re-check the dimensions on site, as we need to make sure kitchen cabinets can be well assembled when arriving; secondly, before production, our clerk will re-confirm all material are requested per drawing; Thirdly, after production, we gonna per-assembly the whole set kitchen cabinet in a factory to make sure everything can be assembled per drawing. So we have 3 processes to confirm all details to avoid mistakes

For kitchen cabinet customization, we normally need at least 35 -45 days for delivery time.

Yes, the project company is also our main client group, as they always have their designers, it’s very convenient and easy communication for us. And for installation service, yes, we can, we have our professional workers for installation.

Angela Peng

I’m Angela, the co-founder at BK Ciandre. With the support team, we’d love to learn about your business, requirements & expectations, just fill in the form and talk with us.

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co-founder & head of sales at bk ciandre Angela Peng

I’m Angela, the co-founder at BK Ciandre. With the support team, we’d love to learn about your business, requirements & expectations, just fill in the form and talk with us.


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