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Cabinet Custom Precautions

Now when we are renovating the kitchen, we are also more and more quality, and people are more and more superior to pursuing quality. Therefore, in the choice of cabinets, it is also a custom cabinet. Such cabinets are also more beautiful. So let's follow the overall cabinet closet customization editor to learn about the precautions for the customization of the cabinet? The benefits of overall customized cabinets? One: Material problems First of all, we should understand what kind of materials you want. Now the more popular cabinet materials on the market are painted, stainless steel, solid wood, marble, quartz stone, etc. These materials also have disadvantages. You You can understand, and then choose what material you want. This material includes plate materials, door panels, counters. Two: Choose a merchant, we all know that choosing a merchant to choose a reputable merchant, then how can we choose a good merchant?. Select some of the nearby merchants introduced by friends who may be in danger of being high -priced by themselves. Three: Mo greed and cheap use of inferior plates. Infinitive plates are prone to excess formaldehyde. The quality of the cabinet depends to a large extent on the quality of the material. Except for the panel, the cabinet board and the sticky glue need to be treated to ensure that the content of various harmful substances is not exceeded. Four: The quality of the hardware affects the overall quality. The hardware on the cabinet is an important part of the overall kitchen, which directly affects the overall quality of the cabinet. Based on the years of experience in the foreign cabinet industry, the quality of the hardware has become an important ruler for different cabinets. Consumers can pay attention to when customized cabinets. Price, consumers can choose to choose from. Five: Gorgeous but not energy -saving. The sink directly affects the use of tap water. The double sink can be soaked, washed away, and more reasonable with water. In addition, the setting of the gas stove should be avoided as much as possible, otherwise it will easily affect the effect of the range hood.

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