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Calculation Method of Decorative Board

The decorative board is a uniform name for all plates. Many people know very little about it. Except for some shops and manufacturers selling boards, I will talk to you about this decorative board to prevent everyone from spend some unnecessary costs when buying. The issues that everyone pays attention to during the decoration is basically the quality of the board, so how do we choose when we choose the board? The thickness of the decorative board is generally eighteen millimeters thick. If the back board can be a little thinner, it can save in -depth budget. Of course, you have to use the eighteen millimeter thick backplane. You can negotiate with the merchant in advance. If you plan to buy furniture online, you can consult on the customer service platform of the website. Regardless of which building materials are purchased, the first must be to understand the calculation method. The custom closet is divided into two calculation methods. One calculation method is based on the development area, and the other is to calculate according to the projection area (also called the hole area). The calculation method of the expansion area is to calculate the total area of the decorative plates that make up the closet; the calculation method of the projection area is to calculate according to the size of the closet, according to the projection area of the closet on the wall. There is no doubt that the unit price of the projection area is definitely higher than the development area. As for which algorithm is affordable, it may not necessarily. Depending on how the unit price and the middle plate board. The environmental protection of the decorative board's environmentally friendly decorative board generally reaches at least E1, the good is E0. The environmental protection level of this decorative board depends on the relevant certificates of the national authoritative testing department. If the merchant boasts of their decorative boards is imported, they must look at the customs import vouchers, authorize China sales agency letters, etc. However, the real imported decorative board is rare, and the price is high. When the decorative board seal the edge of the store, you can carefully look at the edge of the decorative board to see if the edge is strict and the workmanship is delicate. Because if the edge is not strict, it is easy to cause the decorative board to be deformation and deformation, which will affect the life of the closet. At the same time, if the edge is not strict, the formaldehyde sources inside the decorative board are continuously volatilized, affecting the air in the room and becoming a source of pollution. In addition to the decorative board, there are other toll items to ask if you want to ask clearly. Do drawers, layer boards, hardware, hanging clothes rods, installation fees, etc. Is it necessary to charge separately?. When you look like a hardware, you can carefully push the feeling of opening and see the comfort of the hardware. Of course, the conditions are best to choose a famous hardware brand at home and abroad, which is more quality assurance. The after -sales service of the decorative board must be asked to be clear after -sales service, and the warranty period, and there must be paper vouchers.

Calculation Method of Decorative Board 1


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