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In our regular production line, we have ceramic tables , kitchen, walk in closet, modular TV wall system , door and other cabinets. So we have full range of home customization products except sofa and bed. With the global   trend of minimalist furniture , more and more consumers prefer furnitures simple and nice in design and good in quality, which is our regular product characteristics.

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A good design need a good factory to carry out each single product in their design, but current situation is that designer have a good idea, but very difficult to find a proper factory, why?

Because minimalist furniture, if need high standard, need to buy from Italy and Germany, but high cost, in China the majority is not good, far away from Europe quality, but the majority consumers demand a middle and high quality with middle cost, so they need nice quality, but they are affordable to pay this nice quality, where and can produce?when can finish? every designer is considering this same question;





Good design need good product to support, many designers need to draw every single product model to be able to put this product in their design, this spend them a lot of time, but they are only familiar with visual design, but not familiar with internal design, so even if they draw the product, but it’s not the same as the actual product, this is a big issue from costumers’ complaints? Why? Because the actual product is not the same as the design.

Designer need nice products, easy sales, easy installation . What often happen? Design finished, products finished, when products delivered to project site, very difficult for installation, why? Because many designers only know visual products, they donot know internal structure; so factory only know internal structure, they donot understand project site difficulty , easy and quick installation is super important, but always installation process creat additional problems which is very difficult to solve, as products are done

Let BK CIANDRE benefit your work!
As the majority clients of BK CIANDRE are designers, in the past 15 years in customization from Italy, Germany to China, we accumulated rich experience in designers’ projects and cases, so we are familiar with potential problems on site
we are more focus on
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Consult Your BK CIANDRE Full range of home customization Experts

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your design, on-time and on-budget.

As we have big OEM orders quantity and global distributor sales channels, so for raw material selection, we can make a even balance in cost and raw material quality, which decide that we have a stable supply-chain to offer an affordable product with nice quality

In addition, we have a design team to make 3D model for each product with same color match and structure as actual finished product, so designer can easily put our 3D MODELS into their project designs, so they can deliver to clients what they designed in the drawing, which greatly increase customers’ satisfaction, so designers can be: easy design and easy product delivery.

For product structure, we develop more and more modular units based on LEGO conception. The majority of the whole design are modular sizes, such as global design sizes: 600/800/900mm, only 10%-15% part is customized sizes, which greatly decrease installation difficulty, BK Ciandre R & D team think that new generation of installation workers are 90s   years, they prefer LEGO-conception product, which makes their work easier, they may prefer to choose interested and easy work.

Therefore, BK CIANDRE gene is with modular conception, let global designers focus more energy on creation, production focus on more professional quality delivery, let global young generation is affordable in nice and simple product, this is a positive ecological cycle.

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BK CIANDRE is a professional ceramic table manufacturer and minimalist furniture R &D solution global provider.
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