Mesas superiores de cerámica de alta gama & Fabricante de gabinetes de cocina personalizados desde 1996

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BK CIANDRE is a professional ceramic table manufacturer and minimalist furniture R & D solution global provider. We have full range collections of ceramic tables, kitchen cabinets, kitchen panels, walk in closet, doors and modular TV wall cabinets.

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Leading Equipment
We consider technology and machines to be essential and they can be found throughout our organisation: starting from the product, in which it is required in order to achieve the upmost quality and perfection, through to the production systems, characterised by the use of glass and aluminium, a sign of the maximum flexibility in production.
BK Ciandre uses Italian BLM Laser Fiber Tube Cutting Machine.

BK Ciandre took the lead in introducing Japanese "AMADA" CNC laser cutting machine and automatic feeding CNC punching equipment production line.

The whole line of BK Ciandre uses German Wagner automatic environmental protection spraying line, and its processing and production capacity is second to none in China.

BK Ciandre is also a domestic office furniture company that uses German Halma automation equipment.

BK Ciandre introduced laser edge banding system, CNC machining center.

BK Ciandre's domestic "office furniture digital research and development base".

BK Ciandre introduced the WCC data processing software from the German company's Esolution. BK Ciandre fully realizes digital production.
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We have won many certifications for your product in terms of quality and innovation.
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    Professional R&D Solution

    Professional Production

    Professional Quality Control

    Professional Delivery

    Professional supply Chain Management
Co-founder of BK CIANDR

Leading factory business in high-end clients area from furniture industry, big slabs industry; also leading factory design team to develop new products according to market trend. Young, but deep understanding in minimalist furniture, has been making many training to high-end clients' sales team.

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Our  design team
Hi, we're BK CIANDRE TEAM. Nice to meet you.

We like to think we've put together something pretty special here at BK CIANDRE, an agile and young group of expert technology R &D experts, designers, marketers, and developers with a shared commitment to communication, collaboration, and doing good work.

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Our  Sales Team
Our customer service team is a dedicated, hard-working group specially selected for their enthusiasm and commitment to providing excellent customer service.
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Corporate responsibility for sustainable development

There is no real innovation without responsibility. This is why, since 2019, BK CIANDR has intensified its liaisons with stakeholders to define a genuine chain of sustainability.

To guarantee compliance with regulations and company values, low energy consumption, zero polluting emissions and minimum CO2 emissions. Respecting the ecosystem is at the heart of every production and development process, with the use of natural raw materials and sustainable technologies to minimise the environmental impact.

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BK CIANDRE es un fabricante profesional de mesas de cerámica y muebles minimalistas R &Proveedor global de soluciones D.
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Ángela Peng
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