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Full Version of Wardrobe Size Daquan, Design Strategy Is Closed!

Closet is an indispensable furniture in home decoration. The size of the closet is different and the storage space is different. How to formulate the size of the closet, many people do not understand. Today I will tell you what is the size of the closet? I. The standard size of the closet is 550 600mm in the width of the Pingmen Gate closet in the closet of the national standard. > 900mm, the depth should be greater than 450 mm. Upper drawer from the ground60mm, the depth of the drawer is 400 500mm. Everyone says that the closet is well decorated and bad. Whether the size is accurate is very important. Although the above is the standard size of the closet, the suitable closet size is best determined according to the size of the bedroom! Second, whether the width of the closet is customized closet or the finished closet, the width selection of closet is generally difficult to choose. Many people don't know which ward of the closet suitable for their home? The following KOMI will tell you about the width of the closet. 1. 1.2 meters wide closet: Under normal circumstances. 2. 1.5 meters wide closet: 1.5 meters wide closet, 1.5 -meter -wide closet will be more practical. It can be used as a cabinet. It is different from other cabinets. 3. 1.8 meters wide closet: The most common bedroom closet is basically 1.8 meters wide now. Before purchasing, it is necessary to confirm whether the size of the bedroom is sufficient. After placing 1.8 meters wide closet, the use of other areas will be sexually sexually sexually sexually used. limit. 4. 2.2.m Wide closet: Most of the 2.2 -meter -wide closet belongs to the five -door closet. If your bedroom is large, the 2.2 -meter -wide closet is a good choice, because its storage space is very sufficient, basically don't worry about clothes swinging clothes. Problem. Of course, if you think the width of these closet cannot meet the needs of your bedroom, then you can choose customized, tailor -made closet, there is no size limit, but the budget will be much higher. Third, the depth of the closet has little consumers who know the depth of the closet during custom closet. As we all know, the depth of the closet is also very important, which will directly affect daily use. Because some clothes need to be hung in the closet. If the cabinet is not deep enough, the clothes hanging on the cabinet may be closes or clip the sleeve when the door is closed, causing a lot of folds. Comprehensive factors in all aspects, the size of the most suitable closet should be 60cm. If you need to install a closet to push the door, then widen it slightly and reserve space for installation of the guide rail. This is based on the width of human shoulders. After all, the shoulder width of ordinary people cannot exceed 60cm. The humanized design of custom closet design can be fully reflected. Fourth, the standard height of the closet of the closet is best to choose from the height of the bedroom. Generally speaking, the height of the finished closet is 2.2 meters, depending on the top of the closet. If it is the top closet, it depends on the height of the room. The height of the room of modern standard houses is between 2.7 and 2.8 meters. If you choose the top of the closet, the height of the closet will exceed 2.4 meters. Once the closet height exceeds 2.4 meters, it must be divided into the upper and lower cabinets. The height of the bottom cabinet is generally 2.1. Around the device, the rest are on the cabinet. The lower cabinet is too high, the requirements for the door panel are high, and the possibility of long cabinet deformation is high; if it is too short, it will lack beauty. In short, in short, in order to make the future closet more suitable for us, the height of the closet needs to be selected according to all aspects of real life. Fifth, the size of the closet door, a beautiful closet should be paired with a suitable size closet door. What is the size of the closet door? 1. Considering the safety problem of using the door, the width of the door of the closet cabinet is generally between 45 and 60cm. The thickness of the cabinet door is best for 8mm 12mm. The height is generally between 2 and 2.2m. More stable and durable. 2. Pushing door closet can save closet space to a certain extent. The width of the closet door is generally between 60 and 80cm, but the height of the closet door should not exceed 2.5m. 3. Considering the space reserved space and ergonomics, the door height of the sliding door is generally about 2m 2.2m. Recommended sliding doors are 700mm, designed as four -door closet, increasing storage space. 6. The size of the closet is as improved with the taste of people's life. When designing the closet, the beauty and practicality are equally important. The internal structure of the closet is generally divided into hanging areas, trousers, stacking areas, storage areas and drawers. Each storage space is different. 1. The hanging area is generally divided into two parts: jackets and tops. The top area of short coats and suits is at least 800mm, and the area height of the long coat is not less than 1300mm. 2. If there are pants racks in the pants area, it usually needs to be kept 650mm. If you hang it on the hanger, you can reserve at least 700mm. The distance between the pants rack and the hanger is best between 40-60mm. The height of the clothes handrail is generally higher than the height of the hostess plus 200mm. 3. The stacked area is mainly used to store daily clothing and small items. The width of the cabinet is generally between 330-400mm, and the height is best not less than 350mm. The distance between the layer and the layer is between 400-600mm. 4. Generally, uncommon items are placed in the storage area, such as quilts, shoes, etc. The area of the quilt is not less than 400mm, and the size of the shoes is best between 250-300mm. The height of luggage or backpacks can be handled flexibly, but it is best to use it with other spaces. The size of the area is best consistent. 5. The drawer is generally placed in private clothing. The height is generally between 150-200mm. The width is 400-800mm. The design of the drawer is not less than 1.25 meters on the ground. A beautiful and practical closet must be inseparable from the suitable closet size design. In fact, the size of the closet does not have a fixed value. It is necessary to determine according to the actual situation and user habits, the size of the bedroom space, etc. Hope to help you!

Full Version of Wardrobe Size Daquan, Design Strategy Is Closed! 1

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