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Why BK Ciandre want to develop global distributors?

Now Many Chinese Brands are asking distributors a big showroom to show their standard products, all designs are uniform. In the view of BK Ciandre, we think that this is not a mutual benefit for both parties in some sense, as in each country, they have their own unique life habit, if global distributors are selling a same standard product, this definitely cause products not demanded by the market, BK CIANDRE think that product development should be based on market demand, the purpose we develop our global distributor is to provide a whole solution to local market with strong support of our R &D team. we donot need our global distributor to sell only our standard regular products, the key thing we want to develop is that we and our global distributors both together develop series of products to meet local market trend.

So this creative solution help foreign customers to quickly develop suitable products timely to local market with a stable quality guarantee, timely product develop and stable quality guarantee is very essential to current market trend, as young generation need good and creative products.

Meanwhile, BK Ciandre is developing a spatial internet marketing from google, facebook, youtube, INS, pinterest , twitter, tiktok to help our distributors to expand their local cliente’s number, which means that we donot need you a big showroom to show our products, we only need at least a specified showroom area with BK CIANDRE logo to show our products, which will not increase our global distributors’investment, but enrich their sales products.

In addition, BK CIANDRE have our own new media department, which can provide all marketing photos and videos here in China before products reach to our distributors’s warehouse.
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Becoming official BK CIANDRE Distributors ?
product development solutions

Therefore, BK CIANDRE is providing product development solutions to distributors based on their local market, meanwhile, they can choose part of our regular products to be their regular products, the big and big advantage is that we can develop new products to beat local products; for example, for ceramic dinning table, our distributor feedback us 4 key pain points:

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So BK CIANDRE make improvement based on above pain points, so we develop new selection for this market
We choose skin-touch surface, so when hand touch the table surface, consumers feel soft, like baby skin touch, which extremely increase usage happiness when consumers are having dinner with family;
High damage rate also increase communication cost, replacement product cost and logistic cost, decrease customer’s satisfaction rate, so we make improvement in 2 ways:

A.Add foam fixed mold insde the carton box,

B.Make more thicker carton box to make sure that products are well-protected during transportation
For table base structure, we discussed with our R & D team to use thicker aluminum and better table base structure to make it stable;
In order to let our ceramic table fit for full-weather environment, we changed European brand aluminum painting powder , which looks soft in indoor environment, but also color keep still under outdoor environment, which means one model, can use both indoor and outdoor, this greatly reduce our distributor’s stock pressure, no season variation, as outdoor products vary a lot in different seasons.
Meanwhile,BK Ciandre design team make our each single product in 3D model with well matched color same as actual product, so this is a invisible sale tools to designers’ group, for example, if one of our distributor have 400 designers in their client group, so he only need to send those original 3D model to designers , so each designer can use very conveniently to put those 3D model in their regular project,
so designers can offer their clients what they designed originally, this is a excellent option for designers, as designer always need to use a lot of time and source to find out their preferred product, as they always looking for nice design and stable quality, and stable stock locally, which is our big advantage for designers’ group.
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BK CIANDRE is a professional ceramic table manufacturer and minimalist furniture R &D solution global provider.
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