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Happy Chinese New Year!

BK CIANDRE celebrates the Chinese New Year with a grand Annual Party, reinforcing values of customer-first approach, innovation, and unity. Join us as we embark on a new journey!
Happy Chinese New Year!

BK CIANDRE held the annual party!

As the vibrant hues of the Chinese New Year festivities paint the world with excitement, BK CIANDRE recently celebrated this special occasion by holding a grand Annual Party on January 15, 2023. The event, imbued with an atmosphere of unity, gratitude, and optimism, marked a beautiful culmination to the Lunar New Year of 2022.

Happy Chinese New Year!

BK CIANDRE held the annual party!

Team BK CIANDRE has always been committed to its core values of customer-first, truthfulness, and honesty. These guiding principles have not only fueled our consistent growth but also earned us an abundance of praise and affirmation from our esteemed clientele. As we celebrated the Chinese New Year, we also celebrated the fruits of our integrity and dedication.

In a world where change is the only constant, BK CIANDRE has remained steadfast in its pursuit of knowledge and innovation. Despite the persisting global pandemic presenting numerous hurdles, our team has striven to rise above the challenges. We have successfully turned obstacles into opportunities, propelling our business to greater heights.

Underpinning our success and progress is our unwavering spirit of unity and cooperation. At BK CIANDRE, we firmly believe in the power of collective efforts and harmonious collaboration. As aptly expressed in our motto, “Many Voices, But One Message,” we see strength in our diversity and potential in our unity.

The Annual Party was a kaleidoscope of talent and cheerfulness, with our colleagues staging spectacular performances. The festive air resounded with captivating tunes and rhythmic beats as they showcased their talents in singing, dancing, and band performances. Each performance was a testament to the immense talent and creativity brewing within BK CIANDRE’s ranks.

As the Chinese New Year ushers in a new cycle of the lunar calendar, it also marks the onset of a new journey for us at BK CIANDRE. We are eager to set sail towards unexplored terrains, to conquer new heights and achieve unprecedented success. Together, hand in hand, we look forward to crafting a better and brighter future!

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