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How to Choose Good Quality Sliding Door Pulleys

The pulley is one of the main hardware of the hollow sliding door. The quality of the pulley determines the life life (LIFETIME) of the sliding door. Low -quality pulley usually uses general engineering plastics (structure: synthetic resin, plastic increase The agent, stabilizer, color material), simple cracking, the center does not choose bearing (bearing), but to reflect the lubricating oil. There will also be a blocking scene. Pushing the sliding door cannot slide. Some will use the general axis toherm. When it is not to the extent, the door will be sinking at the time of push pull. The raw material (RAW MATERIAL) is different. See the section to select the sliding door. The profile is divided into two types: aluminum -magnesium alloy and push -sliding door regeneration aluminum. The thickness can exceed 1mm, while the low -equal profile is regenerative aluminum, and the toughness and the useful life are not good. Aluminum -magnesium alloy materials are mostly used in primary colors and do not add coatings. Some merchants often choose recycled aluminum in order to fill in the secondary. The surface coloring method of the profile, so before consumer purchase, let the sliding door manufacturer show the product type of product type breaking surface to determine the real material. Pushing doors have been widely used in architecture industry. Nowadays, modern home concepts are increasingly inclined to save space. It can be customized and environmentally friendly and practical. In addition to sealing, it is better to give a space isolation and increased privacy to the living room, kitchen, balcony, and other positions. There are many types of sliding doors and different prices. How can I choose?. The sources of sliding doors on the market are divided into three types: domestic, OEM and foreign imports. Push door manufacturers remind consumers to pay attention to the identification (attention), domestic hardware, sliding door profiles and other raw materials (RAW MATERIAL) are all in production. Assembly, the price is usually below 450RMB/. Consumers can choose according to their own needs, but because some brands in the market are under the banner of imports and collects false prices. Therefore, when buying imported brands At the same time, consult the original manufacturer packaging, website and other information. The pulley is usually installed at the bottom of the titanium (TI) magnesium alloy push door. One pulley is divided into two parts, one is the bearing, and the other is the bearing outer layer. The imported light steel roller bearing, and the bearing indicates the manufacturer and product model, there are markers on the side of the bearings, the steel sleeve outside should also have its own company's logo. What is the difference, but after a long time, there are obvious differences. Now there is also a kind of no bearing pulley with a center, only applying lubricating oil to achieve the effect of sliding through mechanical friction. The doors and windows are a specialty (Specialty) production (Produce) installation of KFC Gate, Grand Pavilion, automatic door, parking lot management system, broken bridge aluminum (AL) doors and windows, sun rooms, floor reeds, glass partitions, sliding doors (titanium beauty push push push push push push sliding The door of the door, the toilet sliding door). Adhering to; the business philosophy of quality (chaper); the high quality as the core vitality of the enterprise, so that consumers' interests can be reliably guaranteed.

How to Choose Good Quality Sliding Door Pulleys 1


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