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How to Choose the Overall Cabinet Wardrobe Customization

How to choose a customized cabinet? It is a problem that many owners who are in the stage of buying furniture are more concerned. In fact, we only need to subdivide the custom cabinet composition, and choose parts of the components of the body plate, door panel, table, hardware accessories, etc. Let s take a look at the overall cabinet closet customization editor! 1. Common boards for cabinet plates include solid wood granular boards, density fiber boards, solid wood multi -layer boards, ecological boards, solid wood fingers, solid wood logs. However, the most commonly used and suitable for custom cabinet cabinets are solid wood granular boards, solid wood multi -layer boards, ecological boards, solid wood fingers. Solid wood granular board (commonly known as particle board): The advantage of this board is that the performance of the board is relatively stable and more affordable. It is a kind of board with a high usage rate on the market. The relatively high board (increasing in order), the frequency of the solid wood multi -layer board is second only to the solid wood granular board, the solid wood finger is relatively small, the main reason is that the price is relatively high, and the stability of the board is the stability of the board. Sexuality is worse. The thickness of the cabinet plate is 16mm, 18mm, and 25mm in common. Among them, 16mm and 18mm are commonly used. 25mm plates are mainly used for furniture such as closet. Custom cabinets and cabinets are not suitable for use. Environmental protection standards: The current standards are E2, E1, E0, which represent the size of the amount of formaldehyde release. Solid wood granular boards (commonly known as particle board), density fiber boards and other artificial boards are detected by perforated extraction method. The formaldehyde release of E1 -level products 9mg/100g; E2 -level product formaldehyde release amount 30mg/100g, and E0 generally refers to the European standard. It means that the amount of formaldehyde release is lower 5mg/100g. State regulations must meet the E1 standard boards before they are allowed to produce and sell. 2. At present, the door panels on the market are classified on the market on the market. There are two varieties such as double decorative panels, fireproof boards, paint, porcelain, porcelain, planting (mold pressure), solid wood, metal brushes, crystal steel plates, etc., mainly introducing several common ones. The double -decorative panel is a melamine plate. It usually uses solid wood particles as a substrate. The noodle layer that is soaked and dry after being soaked in melamine glue. It can be made more color, but it is also relatively cheap. It is an affordable choice. It is widely used by custom cabinet industry. The lacquered door panel has gorgeous appearance, bright color, beautiful and stylish, and the overall effect is better. The paint door panel is mostly used as a substrate, the back is melamine, the workmanship is complicated, the processing cycle is long, and the price is relatively high. The paint door panel should be painted multiple times and sprayed and mobilized. After the paint is sprayed into the drying house, the temperature of the drying house is more than 80 degrees, ensuring the volatile of the paint, no irritating taste, and good hardness. The suction door panel is one of the three major materials of the European custom cabinet door. It is also known as the molding door panel. The medium density board is used as a substrate. Capsule. The absorbing door panel is rich in color, unique shapes and unique shapes, and the door panels are not easy to deform. Since the pressure molding mold pressure can be sealed on the four sides of the door panel into one, no need to be sealed, there will be no problem of board sealing glue. The real wood door panel gives people the real feeling that it belongs to a high -quality (not high -applicable) door panel. A variety of patterns on the surface of the solid wood door panel constitute the European and American style. They are luxurious and elegant. They are loved by people at home and abroad. The surface can be treated with bumps, but there is a certain color difference. Note: There is a kind of imitation wood on the market, which is made of medium -density board, painted outside, or solid wood fingers to make paint treatment. Compared with the solid wood door panel, this plate is easy to deform, but the price is cheap. The whole house custom manufacturer reminds you to pay attention when buying solid wooden doors. 3. Customized cabinet hardware occupies an important position in custom cabinets. It can directly affect the comprehensive quality of custom cabinets. I am afraid that the test is the hinge. It must not only connect the door and door panel accurately, but also to withstand the weight of the door panel alone, but also the number of switches for custom cabinet doors is as many as 10,000 times, and the consistency of the door arrangement is unchanged. Maybe the door panel is not uniform. From this point of view, the advantages and disadvantages of the door hinge are very important. The drawer track is another important hardware part of the custom cabinet. The quality of the drawer guide is the difference in materials, principles, structures, and equipment production processes. As long as everyone pays attention to it, the drawer can feel the quality of the track. There are other functional hardware, such as seasoning baskets, pull baskets, support, rice boxes, etc.

How to Choose the Overall Cabinet Wardrobe Customization 1

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