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How to Make the Cabinet Look Good and Useful

The design of the cabinet is a big problem in the kitchen space arrangement. How to make the comfort of users in the kitchen need to make reasonable arrangements according to the actual situation. So what problems need to pay attention to in the design of the cabinet? The overall cabinet and closet custom editor believes that the following points are the key: 1. According to the cooking process, design suggestions to design the pool cut vegetable space as the stove. 2. The height of the cabinet design of the cabinet has a standard height. This standard height is an intermediate value within a comprehensive height, which meets the operating needs of most people. However, the height and habits of each of us are not standard. Standard scale to make cabinets on the cabinet may feel uncomfortable. The scientific method is to find a cabinet that is about the same height, through the cushion to the same height, and then simulate the motion of cooking to find the height size that makes you comfortable. 3. Do you like Western or Chinese food related to diet habits? This is very important. The operation links of Western and Chinese food are completely different, and the requirements for hoods and cookers are different. The specific functions and sizes will make your cabinet more in line with your needs. 4. When the kitchen electrical appliances are scientifically arranged to arrange cabinet design, you must consider designing the small kitchen appliance you need to use in a reasonable location, and arrange the switch socket. The whole house custom manufacturer recommends listing a small electrical appliance list to plan the location according to the use of the electrical appliances. In this way, it can better arrange the circuit design. 5. Determine the color of the cabinet door panel and the color of the type of cabinet, what color do you like, which board is inclined to match the main decoration style of your main decoration? These are the main points that need to be considered. 6. Try to change the location of hydropower as much as possible. Hydropower is a piece of consumables and it is easy to cause problems. For example, if it is not installed, leakage. 7. The design of the upper and lower cabinets should be in line with the use habits of the cabinet above the kitchen. It is recommended not to open the door because when the door is opened on the side, the operator should take the items in the next operating area, and you will be a little careless. Bump. The design of the bottom cabinet should be convenient to use, and the form of a large drawer cabinet can be used, so that even if you do not squat, you can get the bottom layer, which is convenient to use.

How to Make the Cabinet Look Good and Useful 1


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