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Interior door Frameless door with aluminum 1
Interior door Frameless door with aluminum 2
Interior door Frameless door with aluminum 3
Interior door Frameless door with aluminum 4
Interior door Frameless door with aluminum 1
Interior door Frameless door with aluminum 2
Interior door Frameless door with aluminum 3
Interior door Frameless door with aluminum 4

Interior door Frameless door with aluminum

Door features :

1. Aluminum: the primary aluminum frame for raw materials, made more solid, wind resistance compressive

2. Slim frame, large, extremely slim frame design, fashionable and beautiful, and more broad vision, bearing power:

3. Top -bottom axis , making stronger load-bearing capacity.


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    Hidden flush door concept comes also the reduction of the frame to its original purpose

    Because once the wall is finished, the frame is no longer visible, giving the door its functionality. Unlimited design options are available thanks to the concealed frame 

    system and a flawlessly finished door. Walls and doors, for instance, may look the same. On the walls and the doors, interesting metal inlays, leather, and fabrics can be added.

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    Top-bottom axis 

    The Tabulo series is used to equip the top bottom axis, which serves as a globe to support the door from top to bottom. It opposes falling and deformity.

    Door Structure Comparison

    Original Italy design structure, it is weather resistant, high strength, easy maintenance Sound insulation, and good fire prevention performance Good plasticity, Impact resistance, Shock resistance

    Fingerprint touch sensor lock

    Touch & Close is the ideal solution for design doors that separate rooms where privacy is required! High Security Anti Theft AGB Fingerprint smart lock.


    This interior door is part of a collection of traditional historical memory, here reinterpreted in a contemporary style both in its expressive language, which becomes incredibly light and in tune with the entirety of the interiors, and design. Frame and walls are perfectly flush. 


    Aluminum honeycomb panel

    A high-end building decoration material, aluminum honeycomb composite panel performs admirably in terms of weathering resistance, color durability, and chemical corrosion resistance.

    High-end imported laminated wood board

    With their exceptional finish and natural feel, the top-of-the-line perfect sense, glossy, or textured matt lacquered panels make an impression. The interior door is given refinement, authenticity, and subtlety by the surface quality achieved by several coats of lacquer, which meets the standards of high-end furniture.

    Door dimensions

    Standard widthStandard height
    customized sizes  

                                                                                               Product information

    AdvantageCan be frameless or same color as the wall(invisible)
    MaterialAluminum door frame, can be ceramic slab surface or wooden surface
    Color  As product color picture
    Delivery time  About 7-15 days after receiving the deposit
    Quality Control100% inspection before packing

    BK CIANDRE minimalist invisible door frame 

    BK CIANDRE minimalist frameless door frame 

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