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Is It Better to Choose Paint Paint Or Decorative Board on the Cabinet Door Panel? What Materials Are

As one of the important furniture of the kitchen, the choice of cabinets is the top priority, but many owners do not choose the materials very much. Today, the editor of Jiuzheng Cabinet Network will introduce to you to choose the cabinet door panel to choose paint or noodle panels and what materials are better? Let everyone read this article and know how to choose. Let's take a look together. Choose paint or decorative plates with coating panels or plastic panels Baked paint panel = Double panel panel double trim panel, as the name suggests, is the decoration of both sides of the cabinet, both sides are the same, with the particleboard or density board as the substrate. Craft production is relatively simple. The paint panel uses a density board as a substrate. After polishing and polishing, it is made of high temperature and baked at high temperature. The appearance is smooth. The base material of the suction panel is a medium -density fiber board, and the surface is vacuum -sucking or seamless PVC film thermal pressure. The appearance is smooth and easy to clean, simple and practical. Double panels have many colors, and the color combination of cabinets can be changed at will. The owner can choose the color decoration you like. The color of the paint panel is bright, characterized by the appearance as clear and bright as the mirror, and it has a certain lighting effect. It can increase the brightness in the home. The hardness is very good. The monochrome color of the suction panel is bright and bright, no cracking, deformation, dirt resistance, not fading, simple daily maintenance, no special maintenance. The double -decorated panel is economical and cost -effective. It is suitable for the use of the majority of families. The disadvantage is that the shape cannot be made. Therefore. The price of paint panels is high, the production cycle is long, the level of craftsmanship is high, and it is difficult to repairs once damaged. The damage of the cabinet sucking plate is inseparable from the heat source in the kitchen, so it is not very practical. What materials are used at the cabinet and the cabinet is more commonly used on the cabinet. The price of quartz stone table is moderate, hardness is easy to break, and the anti -sewage ability is good. There are many choices of color. The only disadvantage is that the place where the seams are easy Turning black, not easy to clean, especially at the seam of the front and rear water blocks, it is long, the gap looks dark. The rock plate is a kind of countertop stone that has become popular in recent years. The texture of the rock plate is relatively beautiful, and the thickness of the rock plate is very thin. Generally, 12mm, it looks more atmospheric. The board looks more high -level, but there are many shortcomings of the rock plates. The rock plates are relatively crispy and easy to break. In addition, the rock plates are divided into domestic and imported. Thousands of pieces. The stainless steel countertop is generally a cabinet with stainless steel cabinets. The stainless steel countertop and sink design, no gaps, relatively easy to clean, but the disadvantage of stainless steel countertops is that the surface is easy to scrape.

Is It Better to Choose Paint Paint Or Decorative Board on the Cabinet Door Panel? What Materials Are 1

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