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Is It Suitable for the Balcony to Install a Narrow -frame Sliding Door?

Speaking of narrow -frame sliding doors, people who have recently been to the doors and windows (D & W) should have heard more or less. The narrow -frame sliding door is a series of doors and window series products that are only hot today (melted point). (Product), with narrow borders, large vision, simple and fashionable, it is loved by many young people. However, when buying, the marketing staff will recommend that narrow -frame sliding doors are more suitable for installation in kitchen, study and bathroom, because the narrow -frame sliding door frame is small and cannot be installed with locks (use: anti -theft, protect personal privacy). That is very entangled for those who want to install the narrow frame sliding doors on the balcony. Should I install a narrow frame between the balcony and the living room? From the perspective of lighting: Generally speaking, the area of small -quality living rooms is limited. In order to allow the living room area to have a visual extension, at the same time, the light of the living room indoor (Indoor) is more light and transparent. Frame push door is suitable. The narrow -frame sliding door is more suitable to watch the visual view. The narrow border makes users feel more relaxed, less depressed, and increases indoor light. For the normal or larger units of the living room, there is a different charm to install a narrow -frame sliding door between the balcony and the living room. Many people now use the balcony to raise some flowers and plants that they like. Installing narrow frames to push the door not only good light, but also to appreciate these flowers and plants they raised from the room. From the perspective of practicality: In home life, installing a narrow -frame sliding door between the balcony and the living room is very practical. In winter, the weather is cold, and there are doors as a partition, indoor (indoor) will be warmer. In summer, the weather is relatively hot, and there is a door that can play a certain amount of insulation (ROLE). In the summer, the living room will turn on the air conditioner in the summer, and the sliding door can be pushed up. From Security (X) energy (x)ìng NéNG) From the perspective: The narrow -frame sliding door is installed between the balcony living room, the effect is not very good. The narrow frame sliding door cannot be installed with locks (use: anti -theft, protect personal privacy), that is, it can be opened from the room, or outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor Open it, it is easy to get in the outdoor if you encounter someone with different intentions. In terms of safety, it is best not to install a narrow -frame sliding door on the balcony. If you have to install it, it is best to use the broken bridge window to seal the entire balcony. This can ensure the lighting, practicality, and safety. If If the balcony is blocked by the useful windows, installing a narrow -frame sliding door is still an ideal choice.

Is It Suitable for the Balcony to Install a Narrow -frame Sliding Door? 1

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