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Design concept: “artistic life” and “intelligent life”. The functionality, practicability, and aesthetics of the product are fully combined to make the use process of furniture meet the needs of multiple scenes such as daily life, Festival parties, and family gatherings, and pay attention to the operation experience of each detail. Let art be close to life and turn life into comfortable art.

The lighting and hardware accessories system of the product introduces an intelligent home system platform to enhance the sense of science and technology of the product and make the furniture more intelligent.

Discover BK Ciandre Kitchen Cabinet by material, finding more styles, shapes, and colors

A kitchen in a house is a centerpiece. It is where a family gathers to eat, cook, and talk. It is the first and last place to meet and eat every day. Even though kitchen style and kitchen cabinet design have changed over the years, their purpose and significance have remained the same.

kitchen customization and modular kitchen cabinets are BK Ciandre’s main business parts:

Kitchen customization is to meet client’s personal needs, as more and more clients want something special for their own house, we have a design team to create personal designs per clients’ specified needs by using SKETCHUP and 3D max, which can shortly show clients actual design in their actual house, in the other hand, each kitchen, we have an assembly team to make a pre-assembly in the factory before shipping to the client, which avoids potential mistake when the client receives it.
According to the client’s requirement, Bk Ciandre would like to offer the most suitable solution for kitchen cabinets made in China with different colors, styles, shapes, functions, sizes, and materials.

Wood Board
Wood Board

Wood board, we use Austria EGGER, SENOSAN, Germany PFLEIDERER , ITALY Fénix

Spare Part
Spare Part

BLUM, GRASS, Hettich; a. Storage Collection: Germany KESSEBOHMER, Swiss PEKA, Unihopper from Poland; Lambert from Spain; Chinese brand: HIGOLD



modular kitchen

But maybe there is one question, each house is of different sizes and shapes, so how can a modular kitchen fit all houses? Our idea is to let 90% of the house be in modular units, but there are a few units in customized units, this greatly decreases the difficulty of communication, design, production, and assembly, meanwhile, it meets tailored-made requirements Modular kitchen a great option for projects, as it will save a lot of assembly labor cost if it’s modular units, Meanwhile, it decreases designers’ difficulty and assembly workers, so BK Ciandre Modular Kitchen is: save energy, save cost, save the brain.


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