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Maintain the Cabinet Experience, the Small Move Extend the Life of the Cabinet

Because the cabinets often come into contact with high -temperature and humid environments such as water, fire, and cleaner, the materials of the cabinets are mostly plate materials, which can easily cause deformation and affect the service life. What do you need to pay attention to when you usually use cabinets? How to maintain the cabinet? Look at the following tips. 1. Keep as much as possible on the table. Fire resistance board, anti -Bei special table to avoid long -term soaking, prevent the tablet on the table from turning in glue deformation. It is necessary to prevent bleach and scale in the water from making the color of the artificial stone table lighten, affecting the beauty. 2. Strictly prevent fierce chemicals contacting the table, such as removing paint, metal cleaning agent, stove cleaning agent, nailoblellium chloride, acetone (nail polish agent), strong acid cleaning agent, etc. If you accidentally contact the above items, rinse the surface with a lot of soapy water immediately. If you apply nail polish, please use a cleaning agent (such as alcohol) without acetone, and then rinse with water. 3. Do not let too heavy or sharp objects directly impact the surface; large or overweight utensils should not be placed on the table for a long time; do not rinse with cold water immediately. 4. Use soapy water or ammonia -containing cleaning agent (such as detergent). For scale, you can remove the scale with wet rags and then clean it with a dry cloth. 5. For knife marks, burning marks and scratches, if the smoothness requirements of the countertop are sub -light, you can use 400 600 mesh sandpaper to grind the light until the knife marks disappear, and then use a cleaner and a hundred clean cloth to restore the original state. If the surface of the cabinet is a mirror, first use 800 1200 mesh sandpaper to polish with polished wax and wool, and then clean the table with clean cotton cloth. Small scope, dry cloth dipped in edible oil, just rub the surface lightly. 6. Due to different reasons, there are more scratches on the table, or because the use time (1-2 years) affects the aesthetics, you can ask professional and technical personnel to deal with

Maintain the Cabinet Experience, the Small Move Extend the Life of the Cabinet 1


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