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Methods and Main Points at the Cabinet Counter

How to choose on the cabinet and counter? On the current market, the cabinet surface can be described as a lot of flowers, each of which is a necessity. It is more and more necessary for kitchen decoration. 下面全屋定制厂家给大家介绍一下橱柜台面选购方法和要点一起来看看吧!橱柜台面怎么选1材质选择据了解现在市面上的橱柜台面材质有天然石人造石石英石 Four types of stainless steel. Artificial stone is what we call acrylic materials, while natural stones include marble, granite and rock plates, etc. The more common is the tables of the two materials of acrylic and quartz stone. The countertop of the Acrylic material is a chemical synthetic countertop material with acrylic as the base and equipped with aluminum alumina. It is commonly known as organic glass. Because of its good toughness, it can be curved and can make different patterns on the corners. , Beautiful than quartz stone shape. At present, acrylics used on the market can be divided into two types: composite acrylic and pure acrylic. 2. In terms of price selection, the cost of quartz stone is relatively high, but the high -quality acrylic countertop price will be equivalent to the quartz stone countertop. In terms of hardness, quartz is second only to diamonds, and its surface hardness can be as high as 7.5; while acrylic countertops are softer, more likely to occur or scratches, it is easier to break. Discern. 3. In terms of craftsmanship, quartz stone is wear -resistant, scratched, hot -resistant, pollution -free, unused, non -toxic, radiation, seamless stitching, durable for a long time, durable. However, because the quartz stone countertop, the hardness is too strong, it is not easy to process, so the shape. The functions such as anti -rushing, pressure resistance, folding, and anti -penetration of acrylic countertops are also very strong. Special treatment can. There is no porosity on the surface, the oil and water stains are not easy to penetrate, and the anti -pollution is strong. You can also be seamlessly bonded at any length. How to choose how to choose the cabinet counter on the cabinet and counter, everyone has learned how to choose the cabinet counter. Let s introduce to you a few simplest prevention merchants to use the false ways: 1. Jets behind the board. There are their own barcodes. There are computer codes behind each artificial slab material. It is because the computer automatically jet when I leave the factory. I have not heard of which manufacturer has been sprayed on the number of other manufacturers when it is tuned. Illegitimate spraying other people's trademarks, etc. This is illegal) So seeing the codes under the countertop is the most direct way. 2. Dilute hydrochloric acid test method This method is suitable for distinguish whether artificial stone contains calcium powder. Because the cost of calcium powder artificial stone is very low, the price of selling is not low. Chemical, calcium powder (that is, the chemical composition of lime powder is calcium carbonate) to produce air bubbles when it encounters acidic substances, so as long as it is poured on the table with acidic liquid, you can know if your home is inferior to the stones. If there is no response on it, it does not contain calcium powder. Dilute hydrochloric acid pour up and produce a large amount of bubbles immediately to indicate calcium powder. Or a home toilet cleaning agent can also be used. 3. The soy sauce test method Calcium powder artificial slate material can not be completely dense and non -perforate due to material reasons, so when the soy sauce and other stay on it for a long time, it will leave a seal inside the plate. Do not fall, acrylic artificial stone is dense and non -perforated because the plate does not contain stone powder, and the soy sauce cannot be infiltrated. Even if it falls for more than 24 hours or even longer, rinse the surface with water. 4. In the weighing legal artificial stone material, calcium powder is the heaviest, and acrylics are the lightest, so the better the artificial stone table of the same size is actually the lighter. fracture. 5. The national standard of the amount of artificial slate is 12 % thick. As far as we know, there are currently no calcium powder plates in the country in China that the thickness of the calcium powder board of the plate is more than 11 %. Save about 10%of the cost of raw materials, which can be distinguished by measuring the thickness of the tablet plate. If the thickness of the board itself is not 11.5%, it must be inferior calcium powder artificial stone (note that the thickness of the measuring plate is not the thickness in front of the cabinet. The thickness can be measured with the furnace of the stove to measure)

Methods and Main Points at the Cabinet Counter 1

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