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5 Benefits Of Wine Cabinet

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You love wine and your desire for the best of wine got you into searching and collecting those of unique qualities that suit you.

After these collections, you now have stacks of choicest wine crates or bottles filling up the spaces in your home with an urgent need of an appropriate storage plan.

Although keeping your collection of wine in a cellar may preserve them for a short time, in the long run, it does not help since wine needs certain conditions to last and still retain its content.

A wine cabinet is an effective storage option that can store your wine in the best condition that ensures that your wine is not just safe but also stable.

Sourcing for these cabinets can sometimes be hectic especially if one wants the best quality product that will last for a very long period.

Hence, the need to partner with a trusted and reliable wine cabinet manufacturer for your quality product.

The following are the benefits of wine cabinets in our homes for wine storage:

1.  Stable  Temperature and Humidity for Aging Wine

Two wine cabinets exist which are the passive wine cabinet which is a simple cabinet equipped with racks for storing the wines.

 An active wine cabinet on the other hand is insulated and equipped with a cooling device that helps to maintain the appropriate temperature and also keep the humidity relatively constant.

The function of the cooling system is very important and it can be likened to the heart of the cabinet since it keeps the cabinet at an optimum temperature of 55 ◦F for the aging of wine.

Keeping the cabinet at this ideal temperature (cool) is important to preserving wine as any exposure to heat could cause the wine to spoil.

Ideal humidity in the cabinet also helps ensure that the cork is well moistened while maintaining the seal of the wine bottles to stop the oxidative process that can lead to spoilage of the wine.

2. Vibration Free Storage Solution

One mistake that is common amongst many is to keep the wine in the refrigerator. This is not ideal for some reasons which are:

I. The temperature of the refrigerator might be too cold for the wine

II. Constant vibrations result from the frequent opening of the refrigerator.

The constant vibration resulting from the frequent opening of the fridge will unsettle the sediments present inside the wine resulting in a chemical reaction that can alter the taste of the wine.

Having an appropriate place for your wine storage, such as a provision of a wine cabinet, means your wine bottles can rest undisturbed. 

3. Darkness is Key

In addition to maintaining optimum temperature, ideal humidity, and stillness, wine requires a place that is dark and free from dangerous or harmful UV radiation. 

Although the dark color of a wine bottle in addition to its thickness can prevent damages from UV radiations, constant exposure for a long period can ultimately cause the wine to lose taste.

The design of some wine cabinets also gives extra protection from the damaging effect of UV rays since its doors are sometimes thick and made from insulated glasses.

wine cabinet

4. Beautiful and Convenient Wine cabinet

Though the primary purpose of a wine cabinet is to create a conducive environment for the storage of wine, one additional benefit it provides is the aesthetic appearance it brings to the environment.

One can customize the wine cabinet i.e. you can choose the kind of rack, door, and color you want for the cabinet.

With this, you can have a wine cabinet complementing the beauty of your room and bringing out the best outlook you desire.

It comes in different designs and you can select the one that suits your taste and your environment.

5. Cost-effective Wine Storage

Wine cabinets are less costly than traditional wine cellars. Constructing a new cellar might require lots of time and a huge gulp of money.

However, a wine cabinet can be built as and when required or are available mass-produced options that can be delivered to your home within a space of a few weeks.

An ideal wine cabinet can accommodate hundreds or several hundred and can increase in capacity with more collections.

Partner with us for the best wine cabinet

A wine cabinet is an important facility that every home that loves wine should have to preserve and keep in the most perfect condition.

Choosing a quality wine cabinet might look like an easy task but in its true sense, it is not as one might get a counterfeit product if one does not partner with a reliable and trusted wine cabinet manufacturer.

At Guangdong BKX Smart Furniture Co., Ltd. We have a group of young, vibrant, and experienced high-tech professionals that can design high-quality and durable wine cabinet on request.

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