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A Guide To Various Materials Used For Dining Tables Top

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Dining tables are among the most useful fixtures within an apartment. Whether it is an office, home or for outdoor purposes, dining tables are almost indispensable, especially when comfort for eating is needed.

For this reason, the design of various types of tables has experienced a high level of evolution over the past years. Outstanding about the evolution of dining tables is the design. Also worth the mention at this point is the choice of material used for crafting the top of dining tables.

Just as you may already know, modern dining tables are made with various materials such as granite and even glass. With all these new materials of outstanding quality now employed in the design of tables, you will agree that dining tables manufacturers are really working round the clock to give their customers the best products per time.

Without much ado, let’s quickly take a close look at the various materials used in the design of modern dining tables top


1. Granite Dining Tables Top

Granite are preferred for dining table tops due to their extreme hardness and durability. They are also heat resistant with a little or no likelihood of chipping or scratching.

Also, granite can be used for dining tables intended for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


2. Quartz Dining Table Tops

Quartz dining tables top are usually made from natural quartz, which is combined with a small quantity of metallic flecks or glass. Quarts are very close to granite when it comes to durability although with a slight reduction in their heat resistance ability.

Just like granite, quartz are also unlikely to chip or scratch, and they can also be used for outdoor and indoor dining tables.

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3. Synthetic Teak Dining Table Tops

Synthetic teak are usually made from composite materials that are non-porous, and they usually have close resemblance to high natural teaks of high quality.

They are known to be resistant to UV light, water and harsh weather conditions. Synthetic teaks are also great for outdoor and indoor dining tables.


4. Wood Dining Table Tops

Although seen as the conventional or traditional material for the design of dining tables, wood are usually durable and can easily be repaired. However, in order to maintain the good appearance and luster of woods, they require regular maintenance, and they are very perfect for indoor use.


5. Resin Dining Table Tops

This dining table top materials are usually made from the combination of resin together with a hardening agent, that gives a crystal-clear and glossy finish to any table they are used for.

Resin dining table top are known to be very durable, and they are resistant to high impact, stains, scratching, chipping, heat, and even UV rays.

They are most perfect for indoor use, although can still be used for outdoor dining tables top.


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