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Introduction to the material of common dining tables

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The dining table is not only a place where furniture and functions are just needed, but also a "family bonfire" that condenses temperature. The dining table is a place to eat, take a breath, and become the center of life.


The dining table plays a very important role in home life. The style design and modeling of the dining table play an important role in enhancing the visual atmosphere of the entire space. Nowadays, the styles, types, materials, specifications and sizes of the dining tables on the market are different. So how should the dining table be selected? What kind of table material is good?

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When choosing a table, you should first choose the material that matches the style of the entire home. The following is a specific introduction to the more common materials on the market. Let’s get to know it together.



The wooden dining table is antiseptic, natural, easy to clean, and economical, but it cannot be placed in a place where the sun is often exposed. In addition, the natural wood dining table is very environmentally friendly.


The solid wood dining table gives people a sense of stability and weight, which can make people feel at ease and comfortable. While enjoying the food, they can also feel a different natural atmosphere, deducting a calm, generous and harmonious home style.

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Mahogany furniture is believed to be familiar to everyone. With the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetic awareness, mahogany furniture has long become a symbol of identity and taste. The mahogany dining table, which is carefully crafted, unique in shape, and clear and natural in texture, exudes visual effects. With a strong quaint atmosphere, it is absolutely eye-catching to have a set of mahogany dining table.



Everyone will not be unfamiliar with the glass dining table. Compared with the traditional solid wood dining table, the glass dining table is bolder in design and more practical. In addition, the glass dining table will not be affected by indoor temperature and humidity during use, and the maintenance is very convenient.

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The concise and lively lines of the glass dining table and the transparent sense of vision make the whole space unique, especially when exposed to natural light, adding a completely different warm and fashionable atmosphere to the living room, which has become the use in modern home life. One of the most widely used table materials.


Sintered stone

Dining tables, TV cabinets, coffee tables and other furniture made of rock slab materials can be said to be very beautiful and fashionable.


The advantages of using laminam for the dining table:

1.Zero penetration, easy to clean

At present, the best ceramic tile products in the industry have the lowest water seepage rate of three thousandths, and the water seepage rate of rock slabs is two ten thousandths. The extremely high density prevents stains from penetrating, so there is no need to worry about surface cleaning. Ordinary stains, wipe clean with clean water.


2.Super corrosion resistant

Compared with the U-level that traditional materials need to pass, the rock slab not only passed the UL level test, but also obtained the UHA test. It is the exclusive product of the European laboratory panel. Facing the daily bathroom acid and alkali, daily chemical lotion, calm and elegant, not to be surprised.



100% environmentally friendly materials, healthy and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, sterile, and radiation-free. Inhibit the growth of bacteria and can directly contact food.


4.Durable, resistant to chipping and scratches.

Slate's impressive durability and resistance to chipping or scratches are another reason why sintered stone has quickly become the preferred table material.

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