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Overview Of TV Wall Cabinet Suitable For The Living Room


We have just furnished the whole living room, all we need is the TV cabinet. Which one will we choose? In this article I show you the Top List of TV stands for the modern, classic, vintage or retro living room. We will see together the prices, sizes and materials to choose the best TV cabinet to furnish a refined and elegant living room.


The center of the house, which has replaced, alas in some cases, the old home is the TV. It has become the focal point around which the whole family often gathers, thanks also to the functions that televisions have acquired.


TV today is not only the device through which we watch television programs, but it has become a real window on the world.

 TV wall cabinet


Here is an original idea to furnish and decorate a TV wall.

The project is by Peeter Gaiani, plasterboard craftsman. In this case, the classic idea of the TV cabinet and equipped wall has been overturned.


In fact, he designed and built this solution thinking of an innovative method to house the TV and furnish the entire environment. A plasterboard equipped wall was created with wooden shelves and cubes that blend together with the rectangular plasterboard load-bearing volume that contains the TV. All this decorates the living room in an exclusive way.


The play of light is created by the plasterboard false ceiling with LED profiles and retractable luminous grooves that illuminate the wall covered with white stones. In this way all the TV attacks disappear and everything becomes more ordered, precious and scenographic.


It has therefore become essential to correctly design the TV corner, with the right positioning of the TV and with the selection of the most suitable furniture elements.

 TV wall cabinet


Therefore, the positioning of our TV is first of all important, to be decided on the basis of the position of those who will watch it. The best distance depends on the inches of the TV and how it is used. A 40 ° field of view is generally good for watching a film at its best.


For the positioning of the TV in height, care must be taken that the gaze is relaxed, so an average height between 95 and 100 cm from the floor is recommended.


Another fundamental factor to take into consideration is light. It is good, in fact, that there is no light reflected in the screen, so the lighting must be in a position that does not create these problems.



Once the right position has been established, the furnishings that are right for us must be chosen. The choice of the most suitable furniture does not have to be random. In this article we talked about how to design an equipped wall, certainly a more complete solution than a TV cabinet.


The difference is substantial. A TV wall cabinet is a storage element that is placed under the TV, generally in front of the sofa. Completely visible, with shelves (and hide any cables) or with doors or drawers.


An equipped wall, on the other hand, furnishes more or less the entire wall (in terms of height or length). It can do this in several ways;

It can be an equipped wall that rests on the wall or self-supporting that can also be inserted in the center of the living room.

It can exploit the entire length of the wall or just a part. The equipped wall can be with exposed shelves and shelves, or hidden.

It can be in wood, steel, wrought iron and glass or an equipped wall completely made of plasterboard.

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