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Properties of Various Materials Used for Designing Bedroom Wardrobe


Acquiring a bedroom wardrobe cabinet requires series of selection, starting from the hues, to the textures, and the materials. These preferences can engulf the first- timers, especially when confused with the designs of plywood, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and particle board used for the interior design.

However, you need to know the choices of material to be used, as well as the benefits and merits of each, in order to help you in making the right decision. The cabinets, that is, the boxes that make up a bedroom wardrobes can be constructed using a MDF, plywood, particleboard or blockboard.

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Material Properties

Blockboard is an engineered timber product, which is composed of long strips of woods that are layered between two stratums of plywood. In making a longer shelves, frames or doors, blockboard is the better option.

It does not bend easily due to its construction. Besides, the board is capable of withstanding a significant amount of burden, as a result of the core which is made up of solid wooden blocks.

Where to use Blockboard?

Blockboard is also use in making panels, partitions and doors, aside using it by interior designers for making cabinetry. It is also used in making other furniture that are intend to bear some weight such as long tables.

Our Recommendation:

 Blockboard should serve as the main material to be used in making furniture, cabinets and shutters. It is more vulnerable and quite cheaper than plywood.

Looking at the cross-section of the two materials, plywood is arranged in uniform cross-section, while in blockboard, there can be small openings between the blocks.

 Expert tip:

Note that poor quality block board is liable to larger openings and lower strength, for this reason, it is advisable to purchase products only from reputed manufacturers.


WPC (Wood Plastic composite)

WPC Material Properties

Wood Plastic composite coalesces wood fibre, thermoplastics, and other fillers. Therefore, it does not decompose easily.

It is waterproof and can be easily preserved than other options. It is also regarded to be an environmentally friendly material.

Where to use Wooden Plastic Composite (WPC)?

WPC is usually used for indoor furniture, flooring and partitions by the interior designers.

  bedroom wardrobe


Material Properties

Particle board is produced using the same process as MDF, and is as well known as Low-Density Fibreboard (LDF). It is made up of tiny wood chips, sawdust or sawmill shavings particles.

It is also an alternative for light wallet.

Where to use Particleboard?

Particleboard is economical and usually used for furniture, cabinet shutters, and office workstations, it is readily obtainable with lamination on one or both sides for better durability.

Our Recommendation:

Particle board is best useful in areas where durability is not of imporatance. For example, if you want to lease an apartment for a couple of years and want an inexpensive option which can be detached and redone later, particle board is used in such case

Expert tip:

Particle board should solely be used for objects like walls of cabinets since it cannot hold much weight. It should not be used for furniture that requires higher weight loads.


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