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Office Bookcases Brand 1
Office Bookcases Brand 2
Office Bookcases Brand 1
Office Bookcases Brand 2

Office Bookcases Brand


Product details of the Office Bookcases

Product Information

Made of high-quality materials and delicately crafted using advanced technology, Office Bookcases shows a touch of class and beauty. This product performance is superior, the service life is long, enjoys the high prestige in the international. Aided by professional team, the service of is well-known in Office Bookcases industry.

Office Bookcases Brand 3

Product description

The whole design is based on the Zenit Column System, the cylinder column should be assembled up to the roof, 

and all related layer board and drawers must be fixed to the cylinder column.  

The cylinder column can be with led lights or without led lights. 

Drawer spare parts, all are made with 5mm aluminum material. 


A.normal cylinder column, front width: 240mm(9.6"), side width:50mm(2"), height is 3000mm(120"). 

Dimensions: Size can be customized per actual need 

Office Bookcases Brand 4

Material Selection

■ Glass

■ Laminam slabs

■ Natural wood

■ Aluminum color sections

Product Video

Product Details

Exquisite aluminum shelf, a delicate interpretation of simple aesthetics.

Office Bookcases Brand 5
Office Bookcases Brand 6

Actual Product Applications

PRODUCTS APPLICATION  Book Cabinet/Storage Cabinet

Office Bookcases Brand 7

Company Advantage

• Based on the needs of our customers, provides competitive solutions and services in a targeted manner. We determine quality with details, and continue to create maximum value for our customers.
• has R&D talents with great technical capabilities and management talents with rich experience. Our company is able to develop sustainably thanks to them.
• Our products are sold well in Asia, Europe and other regions due to their high quality.
• Our company is located in a position with pleasant surroundings and convenient traffic. And the outward transportation of products is convenient based on that.
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