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BKX Kitchen Cabinet CT0016
BKX Kitchen Cabinet CT0016
BKX Kitchen Cabinet CT0016

Product description

BK CIANDRE kitchen cabinets have a wide range of work surfaces to meet all cooking requirements.

The storage units come in two different shapes and sizes: some are overhead, and others are on a low base on the ground.

Both are equipped with door panels, thick stainless steel frames and a variety of inlay materials and combinations that meet the requirements of industrial kitchens.

The design goes beyond the minimalist aesthetics and the technical image of the industrial kitchen, providing a product with uncompromising high quality in its structure and function, and with powerful technical components.

Material Selection

■ Glass

■ Laminam slabs

■ Natural wood

■ Aluminum color sections



Laminam slabs


Natural wood


Aluminum color sections


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Product Details

The kitchen cabinet has nice design,let your life be easy and let you enjoy your life.

Actual Product Applications

The cabinet can be customized according to the size of your kitchen room and your actual requirements.


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