BK Ciandre

High-end Minimalist
Smart Furniture Manufacturer

BKX Kitchen Cabinet CT0020
BKX Kitchen Cabinet CT0020
BKX Kitchen Cabinet CT0020

Product description

The Bk CIANDRE cabinet is a kitchen with a balanced and distinctive image, combining simple forms, patterns and materials with a craftsman-like attention to detail.

Wooden wall panels and open-plan units connect the work area to the living area, creating a stylish and complex interior design scheme.

Material Selection

■ Glass

■ Laminam slabs

■ Natural wood

■ Aluminum color sections



Laminam slabs


Natural wood


Aluminum color sections


Product Video

Product Details

The kitchen cabinet has nice design,let your life be easy and let you enjoy your life.

Actual Product Applications

The cabinet can be customized according to the size of your kitchen room and your actual requirements.


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