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Pushing the Door Manufacturer Shared the Advantages of the Three -track Sliding Door

As the demand for family life continues to increase, in this case, the use of the three -track sliding doors has given the family sliding doors more choices. The use of the three -way sliding door can make the entire decoration style transparent and bright, and more modern. So, what is the three -way sliding door? What are the benefits? Why do you use it for many families? Below, the editor of the sliding door manufacturer tells you the advantages of the next three -track sliding doors, I hope to help you. What is the three -track sliding door? As the name suggests, the three -track sliding door is the sliding door of the three tracks. It opens 2/3 of the space. Use space more effectively to achieve a good ventilation effect. According to your requirements, the door or left or right three overlap the pull -pulling. Suitable for landing shops such as balcony, study, garden, etc., especially balconies with small outdoor space. There are many colors and styles of craft glass to choose from. What is the three -way push door? The advantages of imported luxury three -way sliding doors: use the golden ratio of 45 degrees, clean and beautiful, aluminum angle code locks are solid and easy to use, door frame resin codes positioning without noise. 2.5 mm hollow double -layer tempered glass, sound insulation heat insulation performance is better than general sliding doors. 3. Adopt imported door frame tape, anti -aging will not heat up and cold shrinkage. The glass and the door are effectively combined with special glue and will never loosen. The advantages of the three -track sliding doors of the folding door: 1. The design of the no lower orbit can make two different types of living rooms combine. More harmonious. 2. Using high -quality pulleys, locking, complete functions, more convenient and comfortable use. 3. The unique widening fixing door looks more atmospheric. 4. You can choose multiple mid -column structures, beautiful and personalized, and improve the stability and safety of glass. The door -to -door manufacturer refers to the door that can be connected to the pulley and can move on the fixed track, also known as the sliding door. It is different from the flat door connecting the door fan with a hinge. The movement of the door has the characteristics. 5. The characteristics of environmental protection, moisture -proof, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, sound insulation and other characteristics. Various decorative styles are more appropriate. The advantages of double -layer tempered glass three -way sliding doors: 1. Good craftsmanship. Doors and windows manufacturers are generally divided into: partition doors, wall cabinet doors. The partition door includes: kitchen partition, living room partition, balcony partition and bathroom interval. The wall cabinet door includes: the overall closet and the entry closet. Aluminum profiles can be processed into different shapes, with high size accuracy. The processing process of aluminum alloy gate is simple and convenient. 2. Strong corrosion resistance. The aluminum alloy oxidation layer has the advantages of beauty and generosity, convenient and practical, maintenance exemption. 3. Take the environmental protection route. The recycling of waste aluminum is simple and convenient, which is a recycled resource. Don't worry about environmental pollution. The above is the advantage of the three -track sliding door introduced to you in Shandong sliding doors. I hope it will be helpful to you

Pushing the Door Manufacturer Shared the Advantages of the Three -track Sliding Door 1

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