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Should Balcony and Living Room Be Installed with Sliding Doors?

2. To judge from the area of the living room, especially for small apartment living rooms, Space is not very large. In order to make reasonable use of space, in order to make the living room area visually have a sense of visual extension. If the small apartment is installed with sliding doors, it will affect the light of indoor (Indoor). (Select). This is to keep the space of the living room and balcony overall and consistent. 3. When the balcony and the living room are installed with a sliding door in the usual life, there are still many benefits, it is more practical. Especially in winter, it can play a good thermal insulation (RoLe). The weather is relatively cold in winter. A sliding door in the balcony and living room can resist the windy, frost, rain, snow and snow. If the weather is relatively hot in summer, the sliding door can play a good role in insulation. Although there are air conditioners at home, it will be faster than installing the Refrigeration effect (Effect) effect (Effect). 4. Generally, the size of the sliding door is installed;. Generally, the height is not less than 2.07m, because the height of the sliding door itself is 1.95m, especially the height of the rail box is kept at 0.12m. If the height of the sliding door is lower than 1.95m, it will make people feel very depressed. Push the width of the sliding door; the size of the normally under the balcony and the living room is about 0.8m*2m, especially in this case to ensure stability (explanation: stability and stability; no change). You can narrow the width of the door or make a few more sliding doors in the case of the original area, so as to maintain the stability and use of the door (SAFE). Sliding doors

Should Balcony and Living Room Be Installed with Sliding Doors? 1

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