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Solid Wood Furniture Maintenance Treatment Method

1. Solid wood furniture maintenance treatment method Scratches. If the solid wood furniture in our home is accidentally scratched, but the scratch does not touch the wood below the paint film, you can use a towel to dissolve the wax liquid, apply it on the paint film injury, cover the scars, cover the scars. After the wax is hard, apply a layer in the same way. Repeat it a few times as needed, so that it can be covered with scratch marks, and then apply a layer with transparent nail polish thinly. This can basically blur the scratch. Remember to dip the dissolved wax fluid with dry towels, do not use a wet towel. This method is very useful for solid wood furniture repair. The severe cracking furniture is obviously due to the high temperature and drying of the wood in the northern winter, which causes the wood to shrink. The easiest way to cracked this kind of cracking is to use the saw foam of the same type of wood (very thin) to fill the cracks of 502 adhesive, fill it flat, and then give the painter to polish the filling place and surroundings after drying. The cracks completely cover up the original appearance of the furniture. This simple treatment method is actually similar to the treatment of white wall cracks. Putty fills the cracks. After the putty is dry, the white paint. However, no matter the white wall or furniture, the cracks will be more or less traces after being treated closely after being processed. Repairing the burning marks and the wood furniture are more likely to cause burning marks than other furniture. The cigarette butt in the home is the main source of solid wood furniture. So when our solid wood furniture paint is burned, we can use a layer of fine lines on a match rod or toothpick, gently wipe the traces, and then apply a thin layer of wax. The nail polish is thinly applied to a layer of burning, the effect will be better. This is a very common method for solid wood furniture repair. Discoloration repair white is the color that most friends love very much. Real wood has become the first choice for many families to buy. However, white solid wood furniture is easy to stain color. If it is due to a long time, the discoloration can be wiped with a dry cloth and dipped toothpaste. Be careful not to wipe it gently. The brush is evenly applied to the yellow place, and you can wipe it with a soft cloth after drying. If the furniture is made of oil stains, it is more difficult to repair solid wood furniture. We can pour white vinegar into an appropriate amount of water, wipe it with a sponge with a mixed fluid, and then clean and dry it. Bubble treatment: After the furniture surface is drum decorative, after the drum is produced, you can first cut a knife in the middle of the foam with a sharp blade, and then use a syringe to inject the glue into the sewing and gently press the finger in the bubble. On the upper part, the overflowing glue is cleaned with a wet cloth, and then pressed with a heavy object with a bottom surface and greater than the bubble area. In order to prevent a small amount of glue overflowing after pressurizing, the surrounding surface of the surrounding surface can be stuck, and the plastic film can be covered by the bubble. In this way, the decorative surface is flat. Water immersion treatment: water droplets on the furniture, if you do not dry immediately, you will leave marks of water stains. In this regard, you can cover the traces with a wet cloth, and then carefully press the wet cloth several times with an electric iron. Depression: Some furniture is soft because of the soft wood, leaving a dental after collision. At this time, you can use a wet towel in the depression first, and then use an iron to heat the ironing to restore the original state. If the device is deep, add the filler. Solid wood furniture maintenance 2. Solid wood furniture maintenance treatment method In order to preserve the beauty of solid wood furniture, the correct maintenance method is essential. Wipe the surface of the solid wood furniture with a towel dipped in soapy water, and then use a dry towel to absorb the moisture, which can effectively prevent the stains from attached to the surface of the furniture and keep the furniture itself bright. Solid wood furniture should try to avoid the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, resulting in cracks in solid wood furniture. Try to keep a certain distance from the heating, so as not to be baked by the furniture and deform solid wood furniture. Frequent waxing to prevent the color of solid wood furniture and can save the color of solid wood furniture. If you want to remove the paint of the furniture, you can apply the faulty development liquid to the paint of the furniture, and you can remove the old paint. After washing and drying, polish and smooth with fine sandpaper, you can re -paint. If the solid wood furniture appears cracks due to the heat contraction, the following remedial measures can be used: the old cotton or broken sacks are burned into ash, and then stirred with the raw tung oil into a paste. cement. Or, tear the newspaper into fragments. Add some alum and clear water, cook it into thick paste, and apply it in the cracks of the wood after cooling. It is also very firm after drying. Share from Yutong Furniture Repair. The furniture is rusty, do not polish it with sandpaper. Small plated pieces can be soaked in a pot with organic oil for 8 to 10 hours, and you can wipe it with cloth. And large -plated furniture rust, you can use a brush or cotton gauze to dip the oil to the rust, wait a moment, wipe it with cloth to remove the rust.

Solid Wood Furniture Maintenance Treatment Method 1

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