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The Composition of the Kitchen Cabinet and Related Size Standards

The composition of the kitchen cabinet and related size standard cabinets are mainly composed of three parts: hanging cabinets, floor cabinets, countertops. Among them, the standard height of the cabinet is: 600mm-700mm, and the standard height is: 320mm-350mm; the standard height of the floor cabinet is 800mm, the standard depth is 550mm-600mm floor cabinet also has storage functions. At the same time Cooking cabinets and stoves are required. The washing cabinet and the stove cabinet were around the cooking cabinet, and the cooker was facing the hood. The hanging cabinet hanging cabinet is mainly storage, and some decorative cabinets often appear, such as glass door cabinets, wine cabinets, hanging cabinets, and round head cabinets. Under the premise of meeting the storage function, the hanging cabinet cabinet There will also be a variety of remote changes to show the different personalities of each kitchen owner. The types of cabinets made of door panels are: double trim panels, sucking door panels, carbon -optic tadpole door panels, imported Egen panels, imported PP summer membrane door panels, and acrylic doors.

The Composition of the Kitchen Cabinet and Related Size Standards 1


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