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The Purpose and Significance of Stone Maintenance

1. The root cause of various stone diseases is formed after the material immersion of the outside world and the reaction of various substances inside the stone. All stone materials can be penetrated. Due to the different types and degrees of diseases of the external environment or the material of the stone itself, the types and degrees of the disease are different. If the stone disease is generated, it will take a lot of time to cure. The stones that have been installed, especially in the important position of the stone in the building, have a disease, I am afraid it will affect the beauty of the building decoration for a long time. Protective treatment of stone before installation is effective prevention measures. Correct construction and correct selection of protective materials can make stone materials long -term protection. 2. At present, the domestic stone installation is still inseparable from the wet sticker (even if the stone is pasted on the ground or the wall), including some walls and most grounds on the ground. If the stone does not do protective treatment or does not choose the correct method and effective protective materials, it is often the disease of the stone when the decoration construction is not over. The reason is mainly from: 1. Due to the wet stickers, the same stones that are harmful to stone materials (such as iron, manganese, and silicate ingredients, etc.) are accompanied by water in the back of the stone by the back of the stone. Water spots, alkali, yellow changes and other pollution phenomena. 2. In the construction, some water -based pollutants are immersed inside the stone from the front of the stone. These pollutants are very difficult to clean up and consume a lot. Therefore, protecting the stone and making good protection is one of the indispensable procedures for stone construction. After several years of installation of stone, the effect will gradually weaken with the impact of natural factors. If the stone is installed outdoors, it must be fully protected to protect the decorative value of the stone (especially The stone on the hair should pay more attention to the role of protection)). The so -called "stone maintenance" is a professional cleaning company through specialized mechanical equipment, maintenance agents, and specialized technology to perform dust removal, pre -mirror treatment, crystal hard treatment, waxing, polishing, etc., to make the stone reproduce the glory. Intersection The beauty of the stone is like a "skin", which needs to be carefully maintained. The beautiful face will not wither as the years change. Because the natural existence of stone, the smaller the pores, the stronger the surface adsorption effect of the cap action. Many of the diseases of the stone are "disease -entered". The traditional installation and use of decorative stone ignores the problems of cleaning and protection, maintenance and maintenance. People generally think that stone is strong, durable, hard, and wear -resistant. In fact, the beautiful effect of decorative stone is the pursuit of people. If it is contaminated or grinded, the beautiful effect is disappeared. Remedy in the later period will cost money and affect the use. Some pollution is still irreversible. The decorative stone is not protected before installation. In order to keep the stone as much as possible to maintain a beautiful decorative effect as much as possible. Third, the properties of protective materials should be available: waterproof, pollution -proof, anti -paste, non -toxic, tasteless, harmless to the environment and health, and are convenient to use, maintain the breathability of stone materials, does not affect the appearance of stone materials, etc. However, the protection materials of any brand are not available. You need to choose different protective materials according to different stone materials, and even the same stone material will choose more than two types of protection materials due to protection. For stone or precious varieties with strong penetration, more stringent protection procedures are needed. At this time, not only should we choose protective materials, but also the correct construction methods, methods, and opinions of professionals in order to ensure the saving and efficient construction of construction and efficiency.

The Purpose and Significance of Stone Maintenance 1

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