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The Reason for the Color Difference of the Wooden Door

When buying wooden doors, many consumers have encountered this situation. The finished wooden door is very different from the wooden door they originally watched. It feels like the one they originally chose. Many consumers have a dispute with merchants. In fact, the "color difference" of these wooden doors is really not intentional by the merchants. So where did the "color difference" of these wooden doors come from? Solid wood house door customization editor to solve the decryption for everyone. The reason for the color difference between the wooden door: The natural reason is that after the solid wooden door is done, it is normal to have a certain color difference with the original version. Many trees will form different parts in the process of natural growth. This is the result of climate change and soil differences. The wooden doors made with trees and bark are definitely different in color. The color of the wooden door of the tree heart should be slightly darker. Therefore, the difference between the color between the wooden door and the sample is unavoidable. Reasons for the color difference between the wooden door: The color of the wooden door of the painted wood and the wooden door with the paint must be "color difference", but the wooden doors that have not been painted will be exposed in the air for a long time. ". Similarly, the thermal treatment process of the wooden door will be different, and the color will be different. Reasons for the color difference between wooden door: Beautifying the color of the brochure, in addition to the reason for the wooden door itself and the color difference caused by solid wood door crafts, the color of the picture on the website and the brochure of the merchant. Causes differences in wooden doors.

The Reason for the Color Difference of the Wooden Door 1

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