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The Type of Sliding Door Is Very Convenient

Many families now like to install sliding doors, because the type of such a door is very convenient, and it will save a large part of the space (spare). Therefore It s suitable, so today s sliding doors manufacturers will tell you when buying the sliding door.“Three degrees”Factor! 1. The thickness size of the sliding door. If the sliding door is pushed by the wooden board as a condition, the thickness is generally selected about 10mm. If the sliding door uses glass or silver mirror as a door core, then its thickness is generally about 5mm; 2. The height of the sliding door is for the sliding door, it is recommended to keep the height from the top of the beam to the ground. The lighting rate, for example: 3 meters wide, the height of the standard size of the sliding door is generally within 2.4 meters. 3. The width of the sliding door width must be determined according to the actual size of the sliding door. The golden size of the normal door is 80 cm—About 200 cm. If the sliding door of the setting (SET Up) is higher than 200cm, the width of the sliding door can narrow the width of the sliding door to maintain the original door fan area. ) It can also be kept relatively.

The Type of Sliding Door Is Very Convenient 1

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