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There Are too Many Advantages of Sliding Doors, now I Know It Is too Late!

1. The bedroom installation sliding door is mainly used for space interval. The door -to -door manufacturer refers to the door that can be connected to the pulley and can move on the fixed track, also known as the sliding door. It is different from the flat door connecting the door fan with a hinge. The movement of the door has the characteristics. For example, the use of sliding goalkeeper bedrooms are divided into office areas and rest areas; functional partitions such as cloakrooms and rest areas. Pushing the sliding door does not take up space, and the role of creating open space is reflected. 2. Compared with the traditional living room and balcony partition, the semi -closed partition wall is used to separate the living room from the balcony. Among them, the design of the glass partition door is the most commonly used. This design method is more practical than the design of the direct living room and the balcony. 3. One of the biggest advantages of installing the sliding door in the bathroom is that it does not take up space. Pushing the sliding door is a common door for the family, which means that the door that can promote pull. With the development of technology and the diversification of decoration methods, the sliding door from the traditional plate surface, to glass, fabric, rattan, aluminum alloy profile, from the sliding door, folding door to the partition door, the function and use range of the sliding door are constantly on the sliding door. Expand. Some areas themselves are small bathrooms. The open and closing Pingmen needs to reserve space, but the sliding doors are left and right. In addition to the space occupied by the guide rail, you can also use it. 5. Compared with the narrow flat door, the kitchen is relatively good in lighting and ventilation. The kitchen is usually next to the restaurant. Pushing the door can not only separate the smoke in the kitchen, but also see the situation in the kitchen. It is convenient to watch the fire, and it can also increase lighting and isolation of oil fume.

There Are too Many Advantages of Sliding Doors, now I Know It Is too Late! 1

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