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These Aspects of the Rock Table Must Be Paid Attention to in These Aspects!

The excellent quality of the Ceramic Dining Table has made many people choose it. The rock panel table has also begun to enter millions of households. If a set of rock tables and chairs are placed at home, it not only reflects the owner's distinguished identity and status, but also Highlight the elegant life taste. The wrong way of use will destroy the appearance of the furniture, and even shorten the service life of the furniture. However, many people have fallen into various misunderstandings in the process of using the rock dining table. Let me introduce some misunderstandings in the use of Ceramic Dining Table to avoid lightning. First, the table is placed at the rock plate table to buy home. First, consider the placement of the dining table. The sunlight is often shot directly, next to the air -conditioning port, and the stove, and the dining table is not suitable, which can easily lead to cracking and deformation; the humid corner should also pay attention to it. Correct practice: The rock tables and chairs should be separated from the wall 5 to 10 cm to persist in ventilation; put it stable, if it is often in an unstable state, it is easy to cause local loosening; When necessary, the two are gently raised together. 2. In order to heat up and prevent marks, many people will put a tablecloth, glass, PVC tablet, etc. many people will protect the table for a certain extent, but it also reduces the Ceramic Dining Table. Quality of use. Not to mention, it has reduced points in a beautiful look. Correct practice: Recommended crystal pads, put it on when used, remove it if not needed, and crystal clear, practical and beautiful. Third, when the table is flattened when the table is uneven, we are affected by traditional habits, and we will use rock plates, iron slices or bricks to pad below. Cause damage to the internal structure of the dining table. Correct approach: modify the ground, or use a large area of hard plastic plate to achieve the purpose of placing the four legs of the dining table. Fourth, reuse the rags, sometimes we will be lazy and reuse the dirty rag, so that only the dirt will repeatedly rub on the surface of the table. Correct practice: When cleaning and maintenance of the dining table, you must first determine whether the rag you use is clean. After cleaning or wiping the dust, be sure to turn it over or change a clean rag before using. 5. When the oil pollution method is handled in improper oil plate dining table, many people will choose alcohol and other liquids to clean it. It is believed that this cleaning method is more thorough. Handle dining table. Correct practice: Except the oil on the wooden furniture, the residual tea is an excellent cleaners, wipe it on the furniture, and then spray a small amount of corn flour for wipe. Finally, the corn flour can be cleaned. The corn flour can absorb all the dirt that adsorb on the surface of the furniture, so that the paint surface is smooth and bright. The Ceramic Dining Table is more healthy and environmentally friendly compared to the plate dining table, which is in line with the concept of people pursuing green home now. For furniture, on the one hand, we must enjoy the use experience, on the other hand, we must also understand the correct way of use, and try to extend the service life of the furniture. The above are some misunderstandings that many people will fall into the process of using the Ceramic Dining Table. I hope everyone can improve the usage after reading this article. Friends who need to order the Ceramic Dining Table, welcome to contact us!

These Aspects of the Rock Table Must Be Paid Attention to in These Aspects! 1

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