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These Issues Should Be Paid Attention to Wardrobe Customization

Closet customization should pay attention to these problems. This closet is customized. Pay attention to these issues. My family did not understand at first. Only when I stayed, I knew that I was deceived. Home decoration, custom closet is the first choice for many families. After all, such decorations can make the closet highly consistent with the home space, not only personalized, but also high practicality. However, in order to achieve these goals, we may also need to pay attention to the following aspects when building a closet. The customization of the closet should pay attention to these issues. My family did not understand at first. Only after staying, I knew it was deceived! The first is the design of the closet. Do not underestimate this problem in all -house custom manufacturers. If you go to the market to buy a closet, its internal structure is basically stylized, and there is no room for change. But if you build your own closet at the scene, you can do anything you want to do-of course, when the technical means allow. The interior design of the closet is not arbitrary, it is actually closely related to the daily habits of individuals. Therefore, before building the closet, we may wish to imagine the needs of the future closet, how to place all kinds of daily clothing convenient, scientific, and in line with our daily habits. Accordingly, the internal structure of the closet was designed, and the situation was notified to the carpenter in detail. In this way, the closet is more practical. The second is the choice of wood. The overall cabinet closet customization is also very important. It is not only about whether the closet is durable, but also related to the environment of the family. Regarding the choice of wood, maybe the master or company will tell you a series of professional terms to confuse you. In fact, there is no need to pay attention to so many things. What we have to do is look at the incision on the wooden board. This kind of wood, as shown in the figure above, is actually a plywood instead of solid wood. It is suppressed by various wood fragments. For this reason, it can add a large amount of glue and other ingredients. Therefore, although this kind of wood is cheap, it will even be called a good wooden closet material. But it is best not to buy it, not only the hardness of its materials is not enough, but also harmful substances such as formaldehyde and other harmful substances to pollute the home environment. As shown in the figure above, the cross -section has clear wood grain. The solid wood door customized this kind of wood is a relatively solid board talent. At present, there are five common closet on the market: high -density boards, large core boards, particle boards, solid wood, plywood. Among them, the wooden board is the most environmentally friendly. If the budget is insufficient, in fact, the large core board is also a good choice. It is stitched by wooden strips, and has a strong stability, which is not easy to deform. Third, whether the closet is best built. In fact, the top of the closet and the top of the building have advantages and disadvantages, and you can only see the owners own trade -off. But before the decoration and repairs, it is conducive to the coordination of solid wood custom closet and walls, and there will be no gaps.

These Issues Should Be Paid Attention to Wardrobe Customization 1


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