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Top 13 Ceramic Table Suppliers 

Explore the world's top ceramic table manufacturers, showcasing a diverse range of styles from classic to modern. Discover unique, durable designs for interior.

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When decorating your place, the first txhing needed is a good ‘Table.’ Ceramic tables have become very popular in recent years as they are eye catchy and become the center of attraction! The best part is that they blend with various interior design styles, whether traditional, modern, or aesthetic. One of the most appealing aspects of ceramic tables, whether a ceramic top dining table or ceramic coffee table, is their ability to mimic natural materials. 

You can find ceramic tables that resemble marble, granite, wood, or even metal, providing a versatile and cost-effective alternative to these materials. The advantage of ceramic is that it can be molded into unique shapes and patterns, making it a fantastic choice for those seeking one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. 

Here are the Top Ceramic Table Manufacturer Across the World 

BK Ciandre


BK Ciandre has been a trusted name in the world of ceramic tables. With dedication to their craft, they manufacture ceramic-top dining tables that are not just beautiful display pieces but also sturdy enough for daily use. The artisans at BK Ciandre spend time understanding design trends while ensuring each ceramic white side table reflects their signature style. 

Customers appreciate the pleasing yet practical design, whether a simple square table or elaborate centerpieces. Various finish options are available, from gloss to matte, but all bring out the natural tones of clay. One can easily visualize these tables matching any interior decor, whether modern or traditional. The versatile designs suit lounge areas, dining rooms, or lobby. With a dedicated team constantly innovating, BK Ciandre ensures round ceramic dining tables remain relevant for modern needs.

FCI London

FCI London

FCI London has been crafting beautifully designed black ceramic dining tables for over three decades in the heart of London, England. With meticulous care and attention to detail, each piece is created through traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. Only the highest-grade materials are selected – local clays rich in natural elements and long-lasting glazes carefully applied. 

Through their time-honored process, elegant ceramic patio tables are formed that blend refinement with resilience to stand the test of time. Whether for enjoyable meals shared with loved ones in the dining space, relaxing nights in the living area, or social gatherings beneath warm sunlight, an FCI London table adds a lasting style fit for any surroundings. FCI London tables remain a top choice, offering beautiful aesthetics and reliable sturdiness to complement any setting. 



For over a decade, archiProducts has been crafting durable and aesthetically pleasing ceramic top dining tables for residential and commercial use. Whether for social backyard gatherings or bustling outdoor cafes, ArchiProducts creates tables that match nature’s elements while complementing any setting with their timeless designs. Customers have relied on ArchiProducts ceramic creations to enhance outdoor spaces for celebrations. 

Through skilled craft and quality materials, ArchiProducts ensures each ceramic coffee table becomes a treasured part of customers’ lives for lifetimes. Their passion for their art and strong customer relationships have kept the company flourishing for over a decade. Whether remodeling or starting fresh, those planning their ideal outdoor space can depend on ArchiProducts to deliver beauty, durability, and excellent service.



PORCELANOSA offers exquisitely crafted ceramic white side tables for creating an outdoor oasis. Based in Spain, their artisans are renowned for blending modern aesthetics with traditional techniques. Each table is carefully sculpted by hand before being fired to achieve maximum strength and affordability. 

Whether for alfresco dining or lounging in the sun, PORCELANOSA round ceramic dining tables complement any landscape. Their neutral palettes and clean lines allow the surroundings to shine. PORCELANOSA also offers customization to match clients’ architectural visions. With an emphasis on sustainability and artisanal processes, each ceramic white side table promises longevity with

STN Ceramica

STN Ceramica

STN Ceramica has been crafting ceramic tables and home decor items for many years. Based in Italy, they have genuinely made ceramic artistry their specialty. Their ceramic top dining tables feature the most intricate designs carved or printed onto the surface of the ceramic material. The ceramicists at STN spend time understanding the latest design trends and classic styles. They reimagine motifs from nature, architecture, or other art forms into their ceramic pieces. Each table truly tells a story through its decorative elements. 

More than just aesthetic appeal, customers appreciate the careful craft that has transformed a raw material into a furniture piece. The round ceramic dining tables will age gracefully and can be passed down as heirlooms in a family. STN creates ceramic surfaces that spark joy, whether a small round side table or a large formal dining table. Their tables have enhanced dining and living spaces globally. The products showcase the finest skills and offer a taste of Italian aesthetics to homes worldwide.



Lema has been crafting beautiful, durable round ceramic dining tables for generations. With a family legacy of ceramic artistry passed down from generation to generation, Lema’s skilled artisans create each table by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail. The ceramic artists at Lema pour their passion into perfecting the craft, ensuring ceramic patio tables are made to last. Through meticulous techniques and years of refining their methods, Lemas’ tables are recognized globally for their premium quality that stands the test of time. 

Whether sculpting intricate designs or keeping styles timelessly simplistic, Lema finds fulfillment in bringing joy to homes worldwide with their handmade tables. All who admire Lema’s tables can see the love invested into each piece. Beyond being just a product, each ceramic white side table reflects the heart and soul of the dedicated people behind it. This pride in exquisite craftsmanship is Lema’s enduring legacy, uniting traditions with a commitment to building furnishings to be treasured for future generations.


IKEA SEKTION logo - kitchen cabinet manufacturer

IKEA is renowned for providing attractively designed home furnishings at affordable prices. When it comes to ceramic top dining tables, many appreciate their ceramic collections for their resistance to damage and ease of maintenance. Their tables are made of durable ceramic material fired at high temperatures, making the surface non-porous and easy to clean. IKEA ceramic white side tables are available in different shapes and sizes to suit various indoor and outdoor areas. 

More importantly, their designs emphasize simplicity over complexity to blend well with most decor styles. The clean and minimalist looks have broad appeal among consumers seeking tables that are functional and complement the aesthetics of a space. Whether for small living rooms or large patios, IKEA offers a variety of round ceramic dining table options to match different users’ needs and tastes.



Boffi is a reputed brand for ceramic top dining tables known for its exquisite designs and fine craftsmanship. Their tables celebrate the versatility of ceramics in complementing different interior aesthetics. Whether a modern loft or a rustic farmhouse, a Boffi table is suitable for all decors. The artisans at Boffi treat each ceramic coffee table as art. Apart from their artistic appeal, Boffi tables are also highly durable and easy to maintain. 

The ceramic surface is water and scratch-resistant, keeping the tables pristine for years. A quick wipe is all it takes to remove any marks or spills. Their timeless designs do not go out of style with changing trends. The brand has become synonymous with refined dining ambiance and exquisite table settings. Whether for home or commercial spaces, Boffi ceramic white side tables bring elegance and sophistication to any surroundings. 


Oppein Cabinetry

Oppein has earned a strong reputation for its passion for ceramic table design. Established many years ago, they have mastered shaping clay and glass into intricate structures of great poise and visual appeal. The designers constantly push boundaries to unleash ceramic’s creative potential. They transform even the smallest spaces into stylish havens through mini and sculptural side tables. 

The tactile beauty of an Oppein table often draws customers. Upon touching the smooth yet absorbing glaze, one senses the craftsmanship invested into the piece. Their ceramic top dining tables exude warmth to complement any interior palette from modern to rustic. Oppein tables last through years while enhancing interior aesthetics. With minimal upkeep, they retain their charm as centers of elegance. 

Cattelan Italia 

Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia is renowned for its innovative, contemporary black ceramic dining table designs. Based in Treviso, Italy, their skilled artisans craft tables that push the boundaries of traditional ceramic construction. Each round ceramic dining table is formed by hand to create sleek, eye-catching silhouettes unlike anything else on the market. From sustainable outdoor loungers to sculptural coffee tables anchoring luxurious living rooms, their tables astound with artistic flair.

Cattelan Italia’s commissioned artists find inspiration everywhere, from the abstract to the organic. Each ceramic white side table that leaves their workshop is a work of functional art, combining signature avant-garde aesthetics with the highest construction standards. As a result, Cattelan Italia tables have become coveted furniture collectibles around the world.  The top ceramic table manufacturers continue to raise the bar for the innovative fusion of artistry, material, and lifestyle.



Eicholtz has been devoted to crafting ceramic furniture for decades. With a vision to bring elegance and durability through ceramics, they experimented extensively to perfect different techniques. Various round ceramic dining table designs were tested for hardness, stain resistance, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures before selection. 

After establishing the strengths of different materials, artisans at Eicholtz began conceptualizing designs. Their collections suit diverse home decor and client preferences, from contemporary to classic styles. Through diligent efforts, Eicholtz has gained admiration for reliably elegant tables that have enhanced interior spaces globally. Their passion for round ceramic dining tables inspires them to constantly push the boundaries of what this medium can achieve.

Bontempi Casa

Bontempi Casa

Bontempi Casa has long been crafting black ceramic dining tables that are both functional and finely designed. Based in the Italian city of Modena, their workshop brings together artisans who possess tremendous skill in shaping clay and glazing finishes. Through generational knowledge passed down, these craftsmen understand how to transform raw materials into stable yet elegant creations. Every ceramic patio table is carefully handmade through an intricate process. 

Whether a simple café table or a sleek console, Bontempi Casa’s tables convey understated beauty through their surfaces and balanced designs. They have become fixtures in homes and businesses both locally within Italy as well as farther abroad, appreciated for harmonizing contemporary spaces. The artisans take immense pride that tables born from their hands can provide settings for cultural exchange and community among people worldwide.



For decades, Calligaris has crafted ceramic top dining tables known for their beauty and durability. Based in Italy, their designers continuously explore new techniques and styles that blend functionality with artistic flair. Whether a pebble-like surface that evokes the coast or sleek geometric shapes with a modern appeal, each table is unique. Calligaris’ artisans take great care in choosing only the finest local clays, which are molded and fired to bring the designers’ visions to life. 

Tables from Calligaris have a presence that is both elegant and enduring. They slip effortlessly into any interior, speaking to one’s taste through objective craftsmanship and more introspective associations. Seeing them attract admirers in homes worldwide, these ceramic creations clearly succeed in marrying art, architecture, and lifestyle into pieces that stand the test of time. Whether rustic or refined, a Calligaris round ceramic dining table has become a cherished accent for generations.


The world of ceramic-top dining tables is diverse and captivating, with manufacturers from various corners of the globe contributing their unique styles and craftsmanship. Whether you’re a fan of classic elegance, modern minimalism, or quirky creativity, there’s a round ceramic dining table manufacturer to match your preferences. These top ceramic table manufacturers offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of creativity and artistry in ceramic furniture, making them a choice worth considering for anyone looking to elevate their interior spaces with timeless beauty and functionality.


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