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Top 13 Walk-in Closet Factories

Explore the leading walk-in closet manufacturers globally, known for quality craftsmanship and innovative designs, tailored for modern storage needs.

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Walk-in closets have become very popular in modern homes as people desire well-organized storage for their clothes and belongings. Several factories worldwide specialize in creating custom walk-in closets for clients. Some of the top walk-in closet factories focus on high-quality construction and thoughtful designs. 

Using wood or high-grade metals, they meticulously craft the frame and shelving systems to last for years of regular use. The storage solutions come in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary, in order to suit different architectural aesthetics. These walk-in closet factories have satisfied countless homeowners through their commitment to excellence.

BK Ciandre 

bk ciandre kitchen cbainet logo

BK Ciandre China is one of China’s largest and most well-established walk-in closet factories. Located in the Guangdong province, the factory has been operating for over two decades, designing and manufacturing high-quality closets that can be customized according to clients’ specifications. 

Employing hundreds of skilled persons, the production process involves cutting raw wood pieces, assembling closet frames, and installing various fittings like shelves, hanging rods and drawers. After the wooden structures are built, they undergo multilayer finishing such as staining, painting, and protective layering to achieve an elegant and durable finish. 

Once completed, the customized closets such as the walk-in closet behind the bed, walk-in closet bedroom, walk-in closet bathroom, walk-in closet bag storage, walk-in closet bench BK Ciandre etc. are thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest standards are maintained before packaging and shipping. The majority of BK Ciandre clients are international retailers and furniture brands who value the factory’s reliability in meeting large orders, on-time deliveries and adherence to global quality standards. This has enabled the factory to remain a trusted sourcing partner for many businesses over the years.



For over 50 years, the Rubbermaid Walkin Closet Factory has led the way in domestic closet manufacturing. Located in Ohio, the Factory employs over 300 workers and ships customized closets like Rubbermaid closet wall brackets nationwide. A highly automated production process allows for the efficient assembly of standardized closet components at scale. 

However, the Factory’s advanced computer-controlled cutting machines give it an edge in the customization market. By working directly with designers, Rubbermaid can prototype and produce unique closet layouts optimized for any space. A state-of-the-art R&D lab also allows constant innovations in Rubbermaid FastTrack closet ideas and organization solutions. 

With its flexibility to produce bulk quantities and unique designs, Rubbermaid has come to service projects of all sizes, from closets for entire housing developments to closets specially designed for celebrity walk-in closets. Rubbermaid’s attention to quality, customer service, and American manufacturing ensures it remains one of the top closet producers in the country.


IKEA SEKTION logo - kitchen cabinet manufacturer

IKEA’s walk-in closet factory sits among the largest and most productive in the industry. Located outside of Stockholm, Sweden, the factory utilizes IKEA’s trademark efficiency by employing a process of flat-pack production. While producing high volumes of modular closet systems for IKEA stores worldwide, the factory offers customized configuration options as per IKEA walk-in closet ideas through its special-order service. 

Using an online design tool, homeowners can virtually plan their dream IKEA walk-in closet shelving or IKEA walk-in closet organizers and select from over 1000 accessories to create a functional yet stylish storage solution. Production of custom projects is managed through a dedicated workshop equipped with CNC machining centers. 

This precision engineering allows for intricate additions like lighting schemes and specialized shelving. With streamlined logistics delivering ready-to-assemble packages globally, IKEA has solidified its place as a top provider of accessible yet customizable closet solutions.



Molteni&C is widely considered one of the premier manufacturers of custom walk in closets globally. Established in 1934 in Milan, Italy, Molteni&C has pioneered several innovative closet design concepts over the past six decades that have transformed the closet industry. The company started with a focus on bespoke closet design and construction for high-end residential properties. 

However, in the 1980s, Molteni&C strategically began expanding its commercial portfolio by tailoring its flagship wall-mounted and walk-in closet bag storage or walk-in closet bathroom systems for hospitality and luxury retail spaces. This proved highly lucrative as luxury brands embraced the opportunity to indulge clients with opulent fitting and dressing areas constructed of Molteni&C’s premium materials like polished wood, glass, and leather. 

Flagship hotels and department stores around the world now feature walk-in closet bedroom Molteni&C customized commercial solutions, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with high durability appropriate for high-traffic environments. Over 80 years of experience and expertise have solidified Molteni&C’s reputation as the premier supplier of luxury closet solutions.

Hangzhou Rebon Cabinets 

Hangzhou Rebon Cabinets 

Hangzhou Rebon Cabinets has successfully climbed to rank among the top walk-in closet manufacturers globally. Established in Hangzhou, China, in 2002, the company uniquely specializes in customized modular closet systems including walk-in closets behind beds, walk-in- closet bedrooms, walk-in closet bathrooms, and walk-in closet bag storage, featuring lightweight and assembled materials. 

This strategy allowed Rebon cabinets to rapidly expand throughout China by appealing to homeowners and developers wanting affordable closets constructed simply and conveniently. Their flagship product is the sliding door wardrobe featuring melamine board panels connecting through hidden rails and hinges. Minimalist in appearance while capable of holding ample storage, Rebon’s modular designs have made organizing spaces simple for clients lacking design experience or carpenters for installation. 

As China’s middle class has grown, so too has demand for reasonably priced closet options. Rebon cabinets answer this need by maintaining a slim and easily shippable product while diversifying panel finishes, lighting, and other upgrades. Available in over 50 Chinese cities through distributor warehouses, Rebon has revolutionized accessible closets, attaining broad appeal for budget-conscious clients seeking both function and style.

California Closets

California Closets

California Closets is a renowned company specializing in custom closets and storage solutions for homes. Founded in Berkley, California, in 1978, the company pioneered a consultation-based approach with designers visiting clients’ homes to create perfectly tailored California Closets walk in closet closet solutions. With an innovative prefabricated component system, California Closets could flawlessly execute even the most extensive designer closets. 

This showcased obvious benefits over traditional carpentry methods. As their reputation grew, California Closets designer closets graced some of the wealthiest neighborhoods across America. Their signature style blends clean lines and high-quality materials in walk-in closet bedroom and walk-in closet bag storage, allowing ample storage space in aesthetic harmony with interior designs. 

In addition to residential customers, California Closets established early commercial partnerships furnishing upscale hotels. California Closets demonstrated the usefulness of custom closets as design elements instead of just practical additions by consistently introducing new products, paying close attention to details, and setting higher industry standards.



ClosetMaid is a well-known company specializing in home storage and organization solutions. ClosetMaid was founded in 1965 in Delray Beach, Florida. ClosetMaid offers innovative wire and laminate/wood storage systems for use in various areas of the home, including walk-in closet bedrooms, walk-in closet kitchens, walk-in closet family rooms, walk-in closet laundry rooms, walk-in closet home offices, and walk-in closet garages.

The factory utilizes cutting-edge technology and automated machinery to cut, drill, and assemble closet shelving, hanging racks, drawers, mirrors, and other accessories with efficiency and precision. However, they also maintain smaller assembly areas where experienced craftsmen carefully install specialized trim, finishes, and accessories that require a human touch. 

ClosetMaid prides itself on American manufacturing and strives to produce durable, functional, and stylish closet systems for customers. Their products can be found organizing closets in homes and businesses across the United States and over 50 countries worldwide.



Elfa is one of the largest manufacturers of modular closet organizing systems in the world. Based in Sweden, Elfa revolutionized the closet industry by creating prefabricated panels, shelves, and drawers that can be assembled quickly and customized to fit any space. Using an engineered slot-based system, Elfa components interlock together to create efficient use of vertical height as well as floor space within a closet. 

This innovative system allowed homeowners more control over the design and function of their storage areas. The success of Elfa’s product lies in its simplicity and versatility. By offering pre-cut wooden and metallic panels, shelves, drawers, and hanging rails that can seamlessly join without tools, Elfa eliminated the measurements, cuts, and mistakes of traditional wooden closets. Their neutral-colored backgrounds in the walk-in closet behind bed or walk-in closet bedroom also allow users to personalize the front of cabinets and drawers with a variety of inserts. 

Mass production in state-of-the-art factories enables Elfa to offer high-quality, standardized closet solutions globally at an affordable price point. From homes to retailers to designers, Elfa walk-in closets have transformed closet organization worldwide by providing a durable, customizable, do-it-yourself system. Their pioneering slot-based technology set the standard for modular storage.



EasyClosets is a leading manufacturer of custom-designed walk-in closet bedroom, walk-in closet bag storage, walk-in closet bathroom and many more. Operating from factories across the United States, EasyClosets sets itself apart through the use of cutting-edge computer-aided design software. Homeowners can consult with professional organizers to visualize exactly how they want walk-in closet behind bed arranged virtually. This digital design is then sent directly to factories for automated manufacturing and assembly. 

Through precision computer numerically controlled machinery, EasyClosets produces panels, shelving, and modular accessories with precise cuts and fittings. All necessary components arrive pre-cut and pre-drilled for quick assembly on-site. Their pairing of virtual design capabilities with high-tech manufacturing allows EasyClosets to deliver fully customized, professional-grade walk-in closet bathroom or walk-in closet bedroom efficiently. Whether outfitting single closets or entire bedroom suites, EasyClosets provides clients assurance entire projects will be expertly produced and inserted perfectly in planned spaces. 

Reliant on constant technological upgrades, EasyClosets remains at the forefront of the closet industry. Ability to digitally design and mass produce unique closets affordably expanded customer base globally. Attention to detail throughout the process results in closets that maximize both aesthetic and practical storage potential for years.

The Stow Company

The Stow Company

The Stow Company has manufactured high-quality custom closet systems for many decades from their factory headquarters in Pennsylvania. Using time-tested carpentry techniques along with modern woodworking machinery, The Stow Company is renowned for its ability to craft best walk-in closet systems tailored with absolute precision to any unique space dimensions. The Stow Company’s modern manufacturing facility spans 450,000 square feet. 

Through a knowledgeable design team, The Stow Company conducts thorough on-site evaluations to analyze clients’ belongings and how items will best be organized ergonomically. With input from both clients and designers, skilled craftsmen then diligently cut and assemble sturdy cabinets, drawers, and shelving from select hardwoods and metal. Every component is test-fitted on-site beforehand to ensure flawless installation. 

Known for uncompromising attention to detail, The Stow Company dedicates countless hours to careful measurement, preassembly, and quality inspections so that the final closet union is seamless. Their tailored, expertly crafted systems have enhanced organizational functionality and aesthetic beauty for discerning clients wishing to maximize closet potential for many years ahead.



WoodTrac is a division of Sauder Woodworking Co., a company that revolutionized the furniture industry with its invention of Ready-to-Assemble furniture in 1953. The company has built a strong reputation for quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. WoodTrac owns several factories across the United States and Canada that concentrate on different aspects of the manufacturing process using walk-in closet design tool.

WoodTrac offers a range of products for different applications, including closets and ceilings. Their closet systems provide custom finishes, contour moldings, profiles, and framed panels, giving a high-end appearance at a fraction of the cost. The ceiling products from WoodTrac can give any room, including basements and dining rooms, a unique and stylish look. 

WoodTrac employs advanced woodworking machinery alongside skilled carpenters to precisely cut thousands of boards, wall panels, shelving pieces, and other elements each day for distribution to installation crews. This pre-cutting factory model allows WoodTrac to efficiently mass produce high volumes of custom closet systems on a large scale to meet the demands of homeowners and developers across the continent looking to enhance living spaces with beautiful, functional storage solutions.

The Closet Works Inc. 

The Closet Works Inc

The Closet Works Inc. is a well-established company specializing in custom storage and organization solutions. It is one of the largest manufacturers of top-quality walk in closets in North America. Established in 1990, the factory uses state-of-the-art woodworking machinery to craft custom closet systems with precision including walk-in closet bedroom, walk incloset bag storage, walk-in closet bathroom, and many more. 

Skilled carpenters meticulously cut and assemble modular custom walk-in closet components like shelves, drawers, doors, and organizers to client specifications. The factory floor buzzes with efficient production flows as components progress through stages of completion. The company combines innovative design and technology with a team of experts who design, manufacture, and install high-quality storage and organization products. 

They offer a wide range of products, including the best walk-in closet systems, custom furniture, home and commercial office furniture, specialty beds, and more. Its dedicated team of designers, producers, and installers work together seamlessly to deliver luxury closet solutions within promised timelines for residential and commercial clients across Canada and the United States. The Closet Works has grown tremendously through its focus on craftsmanship, quality, and customer service.



Poliform is a leading Italy-based manufacturer known for its elegant furniture and customized closet solutions. Operating from a large modern facility near Milan, their dedicated Walk In Closet factory division has helped transform the closets of homeowners worldwide. The design-focused production line creates high-quality built-in storage components using state-of-the-art woodworking machinery and meticulous craftsmanship. Poliform employs expert designers and engineers to develop improved modular and interconnecting systems. 

Through a network of dealers, the entire customized walk-in closet bedroom is smoothly shipped and then professionally installed. Whether classic or avant-garde, Poliform closets effortlessly blend form and functionality. Due to the factory’s attentive service and reliable operations, these walk-in closets provide optimized storage for many residences globally with their polished Italian design brand.


The walk-in closet industry has seen immense growth over the past few decades. With small home sizes and the need for optimized storage, more and more homeowners are installing best walk-in closet systems in their bedrooms. Large factories with advanced machinery and design expertise have come up that can install different types of closets matching various sizes of bedrooms and clothing storage needs. These top factories employ skilled carpenters, engineers, and designers who carefully study the needs of each project to provide the best closet solutions. With the use of good quality materials like wood, aluminum, and fixtures, they ensure the durability and high functionality of each project.


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