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Wardrobe Push Door Purchase Skills

1. Whether the Closet gate variety and material color are rich (Plump) diverse. Different consumption concepts correspond to different colors (Color) hobbies. At present, the materials that can be made on the market mainly include wooden boards, glass, mirrors and other special materials. The colors include beylum, cherry wood, maple, beylum, oak, black walnut, white pine wood, etc. 2. Is the color of the cabinet door and the frame color unified?. The border and door panel of the brand closet door come from the same manufacturer. The color (color) texture can be fully consistent, and the supporting facilities are uniform. 3. Whether the thickness of the cabinet door panel is plump and thick, whether the height is sufficient?. For wooden boards for sliding doors, it is best to choose 10mm or 12mm thick plates to use (USE) strong and stable (explanation: stable and stable; no change), durability; a little worse will choose 8mm thick, which seems to be compared to compare Thin, frivolous. The height of the door panel decides whether to decorate to the ceiling, and requires a single plate height of more than 2.8 meters and a small ceiling. 4. Whether the space design of Closet can make full use of space. Now some closet can be freely matched and combined when customized: drawers and activity plates can be freely increased or decreased, the height can be adjusted at will. Individual cabinets can even be adjusted in length, which can better adapt to different space conditions. 5. Whether the closet push the sliding door wheel is smooth, pressure -resistant, wear -resistant, safe and reliable. The pulleys of the brand closet are generally made of carbon glass (Glass Fiber) fiber (Fiber) (FIBER) (international new high -tech materials). Smooth and flexible, and large bearing gravity, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance and no deformation. Plug -wheel slide rail (TTW Guide) is the core (Core) technical part of the sliding door, and you must choose carefully. 6. Whether the closet accessories are complete and whether it can provide convenient and comfortable supporting functions. At present, many closet manufacturers have launched practical and beautiful accessories, such as push mirrors, plaid racks, trousers, fashion drawers, pull baskets, L rangers, TV racks, CD racks, wooden hams, etc. 7. Whether the content of formaldehyde (FormalDehyde) content (Closet) content. The formaldehyde content of the closet products (PRODUCT) should meet the E1 standard, and some miscellaneous manufacturers' closet often has the problem of excessive formaldehyde, and the excess of formaldehyde will seriously affect people's physical health (health). Especially in northern my country, because the cold climate is long, the doors and windows are relatively small, and the effects of formaldehyde on human health have a greater impact.

Wardrobe Push Door Purchase Skills 1


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