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What Kind of Board to Choose a Custom Wardrobe?

To customize the closet, it involves what kind of closet plates to use. Among them, we must also discuss according to the standards such as material, price, and ring quality. Below, solid wood closet manufacturers will take you to learn more about it. 1. The environmental protection of customized closet boards is not determined by brand names. It is determined by the aldehyde -free plate gum. That is to see whether the plate manufacturer develops or whether to buy or whether the aldo -free plate glue is used, or whether it is used or all of the aldehyde adhesive pressure plate, one is to see its test report (only the report of the National Quality Inspection Center), the other is The content of sampling its freehyde is the most important. The highest standard level of the country's furniture is E1, and the amount of formaldehyde release is

What Kind of Board to Choose a Custom Wardrobe? 1

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