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What Kind of Material Is Good for Wardrobe Sliding Doors?

When we are decorating, we often encounter the sliding door of the selected material, which is beautiful and environmentally friendly, because in the selection of family furniture, closet is a very important furniture, the creation of the closet There are two main ways, of which custom closet have become the choice of many families. Today we mainly talk about the closet sliding door. 1. The wooden plastic panel material of the closet push door material is not easy to deform, and the waste material (miss) is formed again, fragile. 2.PVC material, raw material (RAW MATERIAL) is formed directly, without requiring (USE) glue, excluding formaldehyde, no deformation, surface processing (processing) flat and can reach the same color, but its cost is relatively high. , Popularize (refers to all over, all over the general). 3. Dental board (fiber board), which is characterized by low cost and easy to deform. There are formaldehydehyde. 4. solid wood boards, including pine, iron fir wood, beef wood, water song willow and other materials. Due to the all -solid wood reasons, there are defects in use in the north (USE), which is mainly manifested as the deformation of the door, the ki liè), The door core panels are dew white. 5. Recombination door: Pine wood integrated by the door, various valuable solid wood hidden internal sealing edges, door core boards adopt perforated particleboard and medium -density fiber (FIBER) board, and all kinds of valuable solid wood veneers are covered. Disposter and cracking. 6. Aluminum alloy, ENVIRONMENTAL Protection is good, durable, and fashionable. The door panel is stable and difficult to deform, and it is easier to clean. 7. Glass board, closet door is commonly grilled with glass doors. The advantage is that it can make various patterns on the panel. It is easier to clean, seal well, and prices are not expensive. The closet sliding door is good, and you can choose the one that suits you according to the needs of the customer.

What Kind of Material Is Good for Wardrobe Sliding Doors? 1


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