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What Stone Is Good at the Rock Panel Table? Let's Take a Look Together!

The rock panel table is a relatively textured table. It is mainly made of rock plates. There are few other substances in it. It is one of the products that many consumers love. There are many materials, shapes, and types of its materials. Let me introduce the material of the Ceramic Dining Table in detail. 1. Yellow pineapple: The material is shiny, the texture is straight, the structure is thick, the annual wheel is obvious, the material is soft, easy to dry, the processing performance is good, the color pattern is very beautiful, the paint and glue are good, and it is not easy to split; it is not easy to split; The advantages of good corrosion resistance, but because of its poor strength, furniture made of yellow pineapple often has disadvantages such as unstable. 2. Elm: Hardwood, close to water song willow, the custody period is generally 40-60 years to hundreds of years, and rough texture is often used to make informal rock furniture, which reflects its atmosphere and the same as the sky as the sky as heaven. Qi. 3. Birch: The annual wheel is slightly obvious, the texture is straight and obvious, the material structure is delicate, soft and smooth, and the texture is softer or moderate. Birch is full of elasticity, birch is material, and rock plates and wooden skin are common. 4. Full: The material is soft, easy to dry, shrinks, does not crack, has good durability, easy to process, thick cut surface, strong in strength, easy to split, good glue performance, furniture and decoration in various provinces in the south are used in decoration. For a universal mid -range material. 5. Walnut 其: The material is shiny, the texture is straight or oblique, the structure is slightly thick, the drying speed is slow, but it is not easy to warp, the material is tough, easy to process, the cutting surface is smooth. Bend, paint, glue connection performance is good, and strong nails. The other is imitation rock tables and chairs. The so -called imitation rock tables and chairs are rock tables and chairs from the appearance. The natural texture, feel and color of the material are exactly the same as the rock tables and chairs, but it is actually a mixed table and chair for rock plates and artificial boards, that is, side plates Ding, bottom, shelves and other components are thin wooden -surface particle board or medium -density board fiber board. This article introduces the material of the Ceramic Dining Table. I hope it will be helpful to everyone! The material of the rock panel table includes: yellow pineapple, elm, birch, fir, walnuts, etc. Please pay more attention to our website! Zhejiang Jiangshan Ruisheng Furniture Co., Ltd. is a furniture manufacturing enterprise that integrates furniture research and development, manufacturing, professionalization, and series. Friends who need to buy a Ceramic Dining Table, welcome to contact us!

What Stone Is Good at the Rock Panel Table? Let's Take a Look Together! 1

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