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Why SaiQi Ceramic Coffee Table Is Best Choice For You [ Ceramic Coffee Table ]

Have you wondered if having a coffee table to fix your living room in the meantime could be used for a patio? The living room and patio are where we gather, relax and spend quality time with family and friends.

Design concept: With a focus on sustainability, the innovation T collection boasts elegant, comfortable, easy-to-maneuver outdoor furniture. Overlapping and staggered volumes recreate an excellent yet minimal architectural geometry that complements different living spaces.

This minimalist design makes these coffee tables architectural objects with a big personality, intelligent in the overall aesthetics of a space, and yet easy to insert into many situations: in front of the sofa or at one side of the living room as a support element, for outdoor collection the perfect finishing touch.

SaiQi Ceramic Coffee Table

Product feature:

1. Sai qi Coffee table top is adopted with Laminam sintered stone and composite with an aluminum honeycomb plate which is durable and light.

2. A natural ceramic top provides heat resistance, non-porous properties, and scratch resistance to ensure a high-quality finish, whatever the season.

3. The table top is inserted into an aluminum table base which makes the tabletop the same level as a table base, and it is not easy to move and slip.

4. The table base is made of aluminum and printed by TIGER Drylac ® it is under high pressing & high-temperature die-casting, which makes the base strong, withstand bearing, lifetime use, weather-resistance, anti-corrosion, and anti-impact! All material we use applies to any occasion and weather and is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

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