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Ceramic Extendable Table

Explore BK CIANDRE’s Ceramic Extendable Tables, where elegance meets practicality, perfect for hosting family and friends in a comfortable, stylish setting, adaptable to any occasion.

Armando Wood Extendable Black Rectangle Fenix wood Table BK Ciandre
Armando Extendable Ceramic Dining Table
NEW Minimalist extendable multifunctional folding square table BK Ciandre
Multifunctional square extendable ceramic table
Inés Minimalist Extendable Multifunctional Folding Rectangle Table BK CIANDRE
Inés Minimalist Extendable Multifunctional Folding Rectangle Table BK CIANDRE
Bianco Assoluto Lucidato Extendable Round rotating dining table with lazy susan round marble table BK CIANDRE
Round Rotating Extendable Ceramic table for Dining room
New Simple Extendable Dining Table BK Ciandre
New Simple Extendable Dining Table BK Ciandre
Contemporary X Shape White marble Extendable Dining table
Contemporary X Shape White marble Extendable Dining table
NEW Modern extendable multifunctional folding square table BK Ciandre
NEW Modern extendable multifunctional folding square table BK Ciandre

What is an Extendable Table?

An extendable table is a blend of innovation and tradition, serving as a dynamic centerpiece in homes that cherish adaptability. Designed to save space while providing the luxury of extended seating, these tables embody the principle of “growing” with your needs.

Our Advanced Concept of Extendable Tables
Which Provide New Features & promotion to Your Business

Benefits of Extendable Tables

Space-Saving Design

With their collapsible sections, extendable tables allow you to conserve space in your home. Only expand them when needed for additional guests.

Versatility for Any Occasion

Whether it's a family dinner or a larger gathering, the flexible nature of extendable tables ensures they are fit for any event.


Invest in a single extendable table instead of purchasing multiple tables for different purposes, saving you money and space.

Enhanced Functionality

Modern extendable tables come with easy mechanisms for expansion, offering convenience without the need for extra tools or labor.

Aesthetic Appeal

Extendable tables are crafted with style in mind, available in various designs that can elevate the look of your dining area.


Built to be adjusted frequently, these tables are typically robust, ensuring they last through many expansions and contractions.

Improved Comfort

Spacious seating arrangements made possible by extendable tables mean more elbow room and a more comfortable dining experience for everyone.

Adaptable to Interior Changes

As your style or family grows, an extendable table adapts without the need for a complete furniture overhaul.

Why is it the Best Option
to Purchase Ceramic Tables From BK Ciandre

Versatile Design

Ideal for family gatherings or parties, with a contemporary extendable feature.

Space Efficiency

Easily accommodates guests without sacrificing space, thanks to its extendable system.

Customizable Size

Options for small or large sizes, with or without extension, to fit various needs.

Durable Material

The tabletop is made with Sintered Stone slabs, offering high surface hardness and scratch resistance.

Heat and Cold Resistance

Material withstands both high heat and cold temperatures.

Stain Resistance

Highly resistant to seeping, discoloration, or deformation from liquids or stains.

Robust Structure

Aluminum construction with Akzo Nobel powder coating from the Netherlands ensures non-corrosion and lasting color.

Color Variety

Available in a wide range of colors, including marble textures and pure colors.

Our Advanced Ceramic Table Manufacturing Equipment

The Skilled Employees Behind Our Ceramic Tables

Extendable Ceramic Table

Isn't it nice to have a table that adjusts according to members?

Having an extending table at home allows you to turn a four-seater table into six or ten-seaters in no time and with no effort. They appear to be compact but can accommodate more people when needed. These are the best solutions to adjust guests during house parties.

Indeed, this mechanism is fascinating for many people. There are different mechanisms, but every extending dining table manufacturer follows similar methods to construct a particular type. You may wonder which one of the extending table mechanisms is best. To figure you need to go through all types to choose a better one. So, let’s explore!

BK Ciandre – Your One Stop Shop for Purchasing the Best Extending Ceramic Table

Our experience, however, also tells us that when searching for some extending table tops, people usually expect minimalistic designs. Hence, what you wish we provide. Among our range of exceptional modern minimalistic furniture, our Extending Ceramic Table is what will stand out for you.

However, if that isn’t your pick, we have a range of furniture for you. So, you must check out our products and choose the one you like the best.

Where Our Extendable Table Material From

Formica logo


Leading global provider of innovative surfacing solutions for commercial and residential use.

laminam logo


Innovator in thin, large ceramic slabs for architecture, design, and furniture.

tiger coating logo


Pioneer in powder coating technology, enhancing surfaces since 1968.

Shunhui New Material Technology Co LTD

Shunhui New Material

Specializes in eco-friendly, large-scale sintered stone and bespoke home products.

newpearl group

Newpearl Group

Visionary in integrated building materials, emphasizing innovative design and service since 1993.

Gold Medal

Gold Medal

Innovator in sintered stone and ceramic products, focusing on quality and innovation.

Eco-Friendly Material & Sustanibility Efforts

Dedicated to sustainability, BK Ciandre utilizes eco-friendly materials in every product. Our proactive approach aims to minimize our ecological footprint, underscoring our pledge to promote environmental wellness.

beautiful landscape bamboo grove forest arashiyama kyoto

Eco-Conscious Core Philosophy

Sustainability isn't just a concept; it's the cornerstone of our ethos.

By harmonizing eco-friendly materials and advanced technology, we craft designs that not only captivate but also respect our planet. Our mission is to achieve a seamless balance between aesthetic elegance and ecological stewardship.

beautiful shot wind turbines cloudy sky eiffel region germany

Technological Innovations for Sustainability

Committed to ecological responsibility, we harness new technologies and solar power to dramatically lessen our environmental impact.

Through pioneering emission control technologies and material regeneration, we create a sustainable cycle that significantly reduces CO2 emissions and other pollutants, leading by example in eco-friendly manufacturing.

group asian diverse people volunteer teamwork environment conservationvolunteer help picking plastic

A Commitment to Global Environmental Responsibility

Embedding sustainable practices throughout our production processes, we pledge to produce in an environmentally responsible manner.

This commitment extends to encouraging our partners and the broader community to join us in our journey towards creating a healthier, more sustainable planet for future generations.

BK Ciandre's Sustinability Goals for 2050

Products icon


Reducing the carbon footprint of our products along the entire value chain by 60%

Energy efficiency icon

Energy Efficiency

-15% specific energy consumption (based on kilograms per unit produced)

Supply chain icon

Supply chain

100% of our key material suppliers meet our sustainability criteria

Diversity equality inclusion icon

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Equal opportunities for everyone in the workplace

Resource efficiency icon

Resource Efficiency

Reducing our overall waste rate by 20% (based on kilograms per unit produced)

Renewable Energy icon

Renewable Energy

85% renewable energy

Safety at work icon

Safety at Work

No serious accidents at work

green forest

Afforestation Plan

Aim to plant 6k trees to support global reforestation efforts.

FAQs About Ceramic Extendable Table

What are the pros and cons of extendable dining tables?


  • Versatility: Adjusts in size for different numbers of guests.
  • Space-saving: Compact when not extended.
  • Variety: Available in many styles and materials.


  • Cost: Can be more expensive than standard tables.
  • Mechanism issues: Over time, the extension mechanism may wear out.
  • Alignment: Extended parts may not always align perfectly with age or wear.
Is an extendable table worth it?

Absolutely, especially if you often host guests. An extendable table provides the flexibility to accommodate more people when needed, without taking up extra space on a daily basis.

Are extendable tables sturdy?

Yes, most extendable tables are designed with stability in mind. The sturdiness depends on the quality of construction and the materials used.

How long do folding tables last?

The lifespan of a folding table depends on the material and how well it’s maintained. High-quality folding tables can last several years, even with frequent use.

What is the best material for a foldable table?

Ceramic material stands out as the best choice for a foldable table due to its durability, heat resistance, and elegant appearance. Other materials like wood, plastic, or metal are also options, depending on specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

Praise From Our Long-Term Partners


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