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Frameless Door

The Bkciandre door collection is the best balance between design, innovation, and texture. The variety of solutions, from hinged door frames to embedded doors, from two-way opening to magnetic levitation closing, make this solution absolutely unique from a typological point of view. The Bkciandre door collection includes magnetic, frameless doors, pivot doors, sliding doors, swing doors, bidirectional doors, flush wall doors, ceiling flush doors, sliding doors, and pocket doors. etc.BK Ciandre minimalist frameless door with extremely slim frame extremely minimalist smart design breakthrough visual experience, offering relaxing, pure visual enjoyment. BK center door could be widely used in commercial space,home space including the kitchen, the balcony, or it is used for the cloakroom, wardrobe, bedroom living room, or any other space. BK Ciandre’s minimalist door creates a capacious space, offering relaxation and release from depression.

honeycomb aluminum Sintered stone:MDF:Particle board Minimalist frameless door
honeycomb aluminum Minimalist frameless door
Interior door Frameless door
honeycomb aluminum Minimalist frameless door

What is a trimless door frame?

The plasterboard is wrapped in this distinctive frameless door jamb system, which can be incorporated during framing to blend in with the wall and give the door a flush finish without the need for trims.

Top-bottom axis

Top-bottom axis

The door is used to equip the top-bottom axis, which serves as a globe to support the door from top to bottom. It opposes falling and deformity. The warranty is 25-30 years.

Door Structure Comparison

Weatherproof, high strength, easy maintenance, sound insulation, good plasticity, impact resistance, and shock resistance are characteristics of the original Italian design structure.

Door Structure Comparison
Germany GRIFF Lock

Germany GRIFF Lock

Lock Type: unlockable
Surface: white /black
Direction: L/R
Set includes: with inlay silk-matt RAL 9010
Valid country: Germany

Aluminum honeycomb panel

Aluminum honeycomb panel

The aluminum honeycomb composite panel is a high-end building decoration material. The aluminum honeycomb composite panel has excellent performance in terms of resistance to weathering, color durability, and chemical corrosion resistance.

High-end imported laminated wood board

High-end imported laminated wood board

The top-of-the-range perfect sense matt, glossy, or textured matt lacquered panels impress with their exceptional finish and natural feel. The surface quality of several coats of lacquer meets the expectations of high-end furniture and gives refinement, authenticity, and subtlety to the interior door.

minimalist invisible door frame

BK CIANDRE minimalist invisible door frame

minimalist frameless door frame

BK CIANDRE minimalist frameless door frame

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