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Ceramic table for living room

BK Ciandre Tables with a rigorous and rational aesthetic, for a dining space of refined elegance, with the added value of ceramic table tops. Rigorous and rational tables, for exquisitely elegant dining use, The particular shape of the table leg structure in extruded aluminum with the added value of ceramic tops gives a visual perception full of sentiment. A dining table that is perfect for the occasion is crucial, regardless of whether it is a dinner for two or one for the whole family. We have the perfect dining table for you, whether it’s simple and sleek or adjustable and extendable.

Ceramic Table for Living Room


Use lights to create a warm atmosphere in living room decor inspiration. If you match it with lights and coffee, you can create a romantic environment. The flat ceiling is embedded with lights, which is very suitable for use in living room inspiration ideas.

Rich wall decoration in living area design
Rich wall decoration in living area design

Although a whole white wall looks neat and tidy, only wall decoration can make you immersive. You only need to create an art wall with your own style. It is best to build a large number of art walls as one of your living room design ideas.

Use lights to create a warm atmosphere in dining room decor inspiration
Use lights to create a warm atmosphere in dining room decor inspiration

3500k light strips are embedded around it, and it is full of atmosphere at night. The living room has a full wall of modular TV cabinets and a Carrara matte ceramic living table. The overall color is relatively low saturation, refreshing and high-end.

Choose living room furniture

In the choice of living room furniture, you must choose a style with simple and bright lines, which can make the public space look more spacious. If you place the minimalist soft leather dining chair, you can not only relax and lean on it but also create a comfortable atmosphere. Its abundance makes the guest perfectly integrated into one of your living room designs.
Living Room Style


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