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Kitchen Cabinet & Ceramic Table Customization

By your side from conception to packaging

BK ciandre

Provide OEM Service of Kitchen Cabinet & Ceramic Tables for Our Customers

We have an effective system in place that ensures the prompt development of production and we also have our R&D Division. The primary objective of our R&D lies in promoting crossover research between the global trends in the furniture industry and the go-to-market strategy provided for our clients.

This has allowed us to amalgamate manufacturing technologies​ and ideas with our own, and to work together with them as one team on producing popular, on-trend furniture. In addition, by taking in various insights and spreading new achievements laterally, our R&D activities have become more efficient and effective.

Ceramic Top Table Design
Ceramic Top Table Details

ceramic top table

We can customize the texture of the tabletop, which means developing a special table top texture for one furniture brand, so this table top texture design will be exclusive in the market, which is super important for brand recognition.

ceramic top table Base

BK Ciandre has an R&D team with 26 years in aluminum furniture production, it’s very experienced in aluminum furniture structure, Product structure should be in a good balance with the Aesthetic design of the human body and normal daily usage.

Ceramic Top Table Base

How Kitchen Cabinet are made?

Discover how BK Ciandre crafts Custom Kitchen Cabinets. Our sophisticated machinery, skilled artisans, and efficient manufacturing prowess ensure unmatched quality and precision. Through our streamlined process, customers enjoy timely deliveries, impeccable craftsmanship, and lasting durability.

Our advantage

With our persistent product iteration solutions, we aim to maximize your ROI.
So for one new design table base, from 0 to final product approval, 45 days is our regular time schedule.

Ceramic Top Table Production Team

OEM / ODM Solution

Through our OEM /ODM solution, we provide the R&D solution incorporating pattern, touching texture, and shape for homes, offices, restaurants, retails, and all. Bk Ciandre is committed to finding a solution that fits your goals while ensuring the finished furniture meets your specifications.

Ceramic Table R&D Solution

R&D Solution

Our production line is set up based on Italy’s top furniture brand’s quality standards, we imported Italy- Bottero machine, and 5 Axis aluminum processing machine, and so on, all our equipment is the state of art level to keep up with the trends and quality benchmarking to Italy. We have 15 R&D engineers in our company.

Fast Transportation

Fast Transportation

Situated an hour away from three international airports and a major shipping port, Bk Ciandre’s production facility is at a unique geographical advantage, our intelligent production management and automatically production line allowing quicker material sourcing and order deliveries.

Ceramic Table Packaging

Packaging Solution Support

The packaging protects ceramic tables as well as solidifies branding. Your logo, company name, and graphics can be printed onto custom packaging. We also provide marketable suggestions, and R&D solutions optimizing your furniture to capture the target audience.

Our design Conception is :

R&D Team
Factory Space Apply 25,000 SQM With 150 workers
New Products / Year
0 +
26 Years Experience in Cabinetry

Consult your bk ciandre ceramic table experts

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your ceramic table top and base, on-time and on-budget.

BK Ciandre


With the global trend of LEGO in daily life, more and more European kitchen enterprises are developing Modular kitchens for the global market, which means that client can buy their preferred modular units to assembly their personal family needs and usage habits, this is not only meet customization needs but also simplify customization difficulty in sales and production. As the young generation’s mind is trained with LEGO principles, if their own kitchen can be in a LEGO principle to design, it will be their preference to choose our modular kitchen.

modular kitchen Cabinet

But maybe there is one question, each house is of a different size and shape, how can a modular kitchen fit all houses?

Our idea is to let 90% of the house be in modular units, but there are a few units in customized units, this greatly decreases the difficulty of communication, design, production, and assembly, meanwhile, it meets tailored-made requirements modular kitchen a great option for projects, as it will save a lot of assembly labor cost if it’s modular units, Meanwhile it decreases designers’ difficulty and assembly workers, so BK Ciandre Modular Kitchen is: save energy, save cost, save the brain.

In addition, the current market situation is that designer uses their full brain to make an ideal design for clients, they need to check with clients, and check with the factory for every single question, often the situation is that designer make a kitchen design which is not their original ideas, clients choose a kitchen which is not their ideal kitchen due to production status, so why designers can’t make an ideal one to guide customers to choose a nice kitchen in a short time and make a confirmation?

The answer is yes!

Therefore BK Ciandre is providing 3D Max or SKETCH-UP Models for our global partners( mainly designers), so they only need to put our model in their design, they can easily realize their design kitchen in our factory, this is an invisible sales tool, easy for designers, easy sales, and easy production.


After years of efforts, we can produce mature OEM ODM Home Flexible Wardrobe Metal Wire Shelf Rack Storage System Detachable & Extendable Closet Kit, many of which are exported to different countries and regions and have been recognized and trusted by our valued customers. Customers all over the world are welcome to visit our factory and negotiate cooperation with us. Our stock has valued at 10 million dollars, you can find the competitive parts within a short delivery time. We implement a group layout development strategy, integrate related business sectors, and create a strategic layout with a certain scale of business sectors and the whole industry chain.

Tailor-made services for tailor-made wardrobe systems

Bk Ciandre maintains high-quality standards throughout the entire manufacturing process of its bespoke walk-in closets, from the first step of taking room measurements, to the specification of the project characteristics and materials selection, and brings the latest technology while paying respect to the established home environment.

These elements are fundamentals in the production of a total custom closet system, this includes ongoing professional updates regarding the ever-evolving furniture industry.

Our services include

In the planning and programming of a total custom walk in closet project, a preliminary check of the exact dimensions of the space that need to be furnished takes place and is executed by one of our representatives. The first step is then followed up by a proposal for the bespoke closet system project which includes all the personalized elements according to the client’s specific needs. Our strength lies in our extreme design versatility and distinctive craftsmanship, which is further enhanced by our seach and every space in an exclusive bespoke way.

Modular Cabinet Drawing

our team

Our designer team origin their ideas from Germany and Italy, the kitchen does not just make it cool, must consider a good balance in the aesthetics of the human body and functions, all designs are only to increase people’s happiness in daily life.

BK Ciandre Production Team
BK Ciandre Quality Control Team
kitchen customization and modular kitchen cabinets are BK Ciandre main business parts:

Kitchen customization is to meet clients’ personal needs, as more and more clients want something special for their own house, we have a design team to create personal designs per clients specified needs by using SKETCHUP and 3D max, which can shortly show clients actual design in their actual house, in the other hand, each kitchen, we have a assembly team to make a pre-assembly in factory before ship to client, which avoid potential mistake when client receive it.

Meanwhile, All our material collection is in an international superior collection.

The main structure of the kitchen are 3 parts

Wood board, we use Austria EGGER,SENOSAN, Germany PFLEIDERER, ITALY Fénix;
Spare parts: BLUM, GRASS , Hettich; a. Storage Collection: Germany KESSEBOHMER, Swiss PEKA, Lambert from Spain; Chinese brand: HIGOLD
Countertop: ITALY LAMINAM , domestic Chinese brand: SHUIHUI, NEW PEARL, GOLDME;
Angela Peng - Co-founder & CEO at BK Ciandre

I’m Angela, the co-founder at BK Ciandre. With the support team, we’d love to learn about your business, requirements & expectations, just fill in the form and talk with us.

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